We're in our studio tonight...

Guess whose getting new coloured glasses! This color scheme is SO cool! Any guesses? We'll unveil the new glasses in a few days :) Here are some snacks i like. I like pink lemonade. And I like cucumbers with vinegar and salt & pepper. And I like lemons with salt. Wanna hear a weird little story? Ok. There's a lady that bought a 1hour mini from my worldwide etsy shop and she lives like... 4 minutes away from me. She didn't even know it. I'm gonna hand deliver it! Inka and I are teaming up to make some new Freckled Nest products! Top secret right now, but it'll be super coo! I beat Keith on a xbox racecar game 4 times tonight. And I rubbed it in. He says that he "let" me win. Ya. Right. Time to get back to the studio :) Have a great Friday :]


  1. That close proximity happened to me once. I sold some deco tape to a girl that literally lives around the corner. I walked the dog less than half a mile and put it in her mailbox. crazy stuff!

  2. Awww! It's a small world after all. How sweet of you to hand-deliver it!

  3. Lemons and salt??? Is their Tequilla involved?? haha jk.

  4. Umm I loved those Cucumbers when I was young. Haven't had them in years. I wanted to craft tonight also, but came home to my baby being real sick. The clean up was horrific, and we had to open the windows in 100 plus degrees. If she don't get better by morning will end up at the vet. Hugs

  5. Nice pic Leigh-Ann! :)
    I know what colours you're using, but it's our secret.
    Have a fun evening you two.
    See if you can beat 20 hours Keith.
    Love you both.

    Love Momma

  6. my guess for the new glasses are...aqua and red. ;)

  7. purple and orange? if i was allowed to get new glasses, they would totally be purple and orange :)

  8. Oh..

    Cant wait to see what you and Inka are making...

    How exciting I love new FN products.


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