"on the road again"

The trek begins! We're on our way to America! It's gonna be SO fun!!! Happy 23rd Birthday to my great friends Inka and Alice! Birthday twins! No picture in this post today. No time. Sidebar: Whenever i hear the phrase "no time"...i flash back to that Hot Sundaes episode of Saved by the Bell... where Jesse Spano has the breakdown in her bedroom with Zack... "Time?? No time...Never any time...*waaaaaa*". Member that one? Bye everyone!! See you from America :) Eeeeeeeek!!!!!! I'm SO so so excited about everythiiiiing! I have $700 spending money! AMERICA--here I come!!!!!!!!!


  1. have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    shop your little heart out :-)

  2. have fun LA!
    if you're visiting grand forks, and you like mexican food, be sure to stop at Paradiso's on S. Washington for a unique and yummy cultural experience!
    Happy shopping!
    ( and remember that hotel walls are very thin!! HAHAHAHA!!!

  3. have a great time!!!
    and spend all your $700. :)

  4. you're the best ;) enjoy your trip..we'll talk soon!

  5. Have the bestest of bestest times! And you better go to the Paper Source while you are there.


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