our 6 hour trip took 11 hours...lol.

...but we're finally here and lovin it! ( i got the flip!!! THANKS SO MUCH LDR!!!! i got the elsie book!!! THANKS SO MUCH ANG!!!! (both are incredible!!) Keith had a woodtick. ick. i had the meal of my life tonight! new fave restuarant=tgiFridays!!! * time for bed now. sweetiepie's already sleeping. tomorrow is a BIG shopping day! we already scouted MoA and i was literally having spurts of jumps and squeals and eeeeks! ps. they have accents here!


  1. yay! you made it there. :)
    i love your "car photobooth" pics. hihi. i can imagine you in the backseat taking pics and laughing.
    have a fun shopping day tomorrow!!

  2. Um...WELCOME!
    And your man has the biggest arms! WOW.
    Brett and I have totally got a story similar to your 6 hours turned into 11. And it involves a locksmith, an Indian run hotel, a police officer and lots of spilled pennies.
    Hmm...I'll tell you about it sometime.

  3. OH boy extended roadtrip!!! Too bad you were riding with his parents. I bet that puts a damper on fun ways to pass the time and the convos... that's too bad - that's how Byron and I make those really long trips pass much faster. LOL!

  4. I just about hit the floor laughing when you said they had accents... because, you know, we think Canadians have accents! Hehe. :)

  5. Girlfriend, living in Minnesota is like living in a whole different country! My husband and I lived there the first year and a half of our marriage (about 4 years ago) and it was all so foreign to me, and I am from the U.S., just much farther south. I couldn't believe how cold it got, how thick the accents were, etc. But I still love to visit once a year

    Enjoy the MOA, go see the big spoon with the cherry, go to Anthropologie, go see the Mary Tyler Moore statue, go to St. Paul (my favorite), go see "A Prairie Home Companion" live, lots and lots and lots to do...

  6. I am *so* jealous that you are at the mall of america! I've always wanted to visit!

    and I would so be at anthropologie in a heart beat. that store is delicious.

    love love those pictures! yay! i love pictures like that!

  7. YAY... I am happy you are there and received your Flip.

    I hope you have a blast!!!!

  8. oh LA! i was giggling when i heard the comment about the accents! too funny! ooo...the MoA...i loved it there but it very overwhelming :)

    -lisa marie

  9. Yay I'm glad you got your book. Was it damaged alot?

    Lovin' the updates!!

  10. I've never been on a shopping high like when I go to a giant mall (MOA WEM etc). I looove the feel. you and I should make a girly road trip out of it sometime. i would LOVE that!!!


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