Minne Montage

Our super-duper trip to Minneapolis... in a 10-minute nutshell :) I'm in bed today. Sick :[ No Freestyle Friday this week & I'm going to pick the BIG GIVEAWAY winner Monday. You can still enter :] Have a great Friday!! :) PS. it's funny how many times I say "big". you'll see ;)


  1. You two could have fun any ole place! So cute and that thing was totally from BIG! CUTE! Hope that you get lots of rest, do nothing and feel better!

  2. You both made me laugh....I'm standing in my kitchen all by myself...laughing. What an awesome video.

    My sister is flying home today from florida, she is already in route and should be arriving at the Milwaukee airport at 2:40 yay!! I'm at home getting ready for tonight. We are going down to the local srapbook store and we are going to scrap until midnight. This is going to be so fun. My sister and I have never scrapped before (together). And she is very new to this so I need to teach her some things too. This is going to be a picture filled weekend. YAY!!

    I hope you feel better soon LA, and buy your man a pepsi...hahaha (from video)

    You both are so fun together. I love your videos! Bye for now!

  3. :) I would SO have the ask zoltar machine! How cool!

  4. Fantastic video, you guys are so cute together! I too would probably get crazy-excited with all those shopping opportunites.

    The gratuitous butt close-up during the mini-golf made me chuckle, I have a fair few photos like that laying around! ^^

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  5. Love it -- "it's from Big".
    Love it -- The Goonies (I've gone on the "pilgrimage" to Oregon to see all the film sites).
    Love it -- Jem!!!!!
    Love it -- Forever 21, wish I had one where I lived, and I always hit it up when I am in a city that has one

    And how hilarious is it that your narration for your video was done in front of Target. That cracked me up.

  6. what a fun video! i loved it. :)
    but how come you didn´t like minigolf?? that´s fun!! try again. ;)

    hope you´ll get better soon dear LAgator. hugs hugs!

  7. so stinkin funny! looks like you would be a fun shopping buddy:) jerrie's in town and brought her tote. i LOVE it!!! thanks for the coupon, by the way. she forgot to bring it but told me about it anyway. hope you're feeling better!

  8. way cute video!
    i hope you are feeling better quick.

  9. So sorry to hear your sick, stay in bed and watch Chic Flics and you will fill better. You two are so cute, you were meant to be together. Wishing you well soon!

  10. Hi Leigh-Ann,

    I fell on your page via Inka's blog. I must say I realy enjoyed cruising round on your page and I had much joy watching your video!
    I just hope you're get better soon!


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