contest winner and some lambling (la+rambling)


  1. Love you right back!!!!! That was so fun :) You totally have a way of brightening one's's a gift.

    xo, K

  2. I was wondering if that was a lip ring you had there. Love it. Congratulations to the girl who won!!!!!!!!:)

  3. Yay! I'm famous! You just made my day!! :D

    Congrats to Lisa Marie!!!

  4. omigosh!! i am so excited, and i still can't believe i actually won :) i watched this video after my meeting at starbucks with earphones in, lol! can't wait to see all the goodies :)

    -lisa marie

  5. What High School did you go to? Just curious!

  6. Hey Lisa congrats to you. Lisa made a beautiful rag quilt and I bought it from her on her etsy. Just thought I would share that with you all.

    LA you are so adorable. You looked great!! You must have been feeling much better.

    I will now go buy my own fish eye camara:( lol!

    I get 2 extra days off this week along with the 4th so guess what I am going to go do! I'm going to drive to Chicago and go to Windy City Scrapbook Store. I am so that I have a GPS I'm going to drive anywhere I want and not be afraid of getting lost. I'll still be nervous as heck though. Normally I would just take the train. This will be my first time there. I think I will take some stuff to work on too, and I'll take my camera. I also cant wait to actually be able to see some Hambley product in person verses via the computer screen. (Yeah I know it doesn't take much to excite me!)

    So any way have a great evening. And happy Anniversary!!

  7. Yeah does this mean you're feeling better? Hope so! Fun drawing/ video! Tomorrow is super duper busy, my sis leaves to head home and I get my scooter and lots of other stuff but those are the interesting ones... chat with ya soon!

  8. congrats to lisa marie! loved watching the giveaway on video-lotsa fun!

    love the elsie painting!!

    i've been cleaning house so i gotta go de-hoss myself! :)

    happy canada day!

  9. congrats lisa marie!!!

    this video was just awesome. :)
    made my day, because i´m feeling a bit sick today..

    have a fun tuesday LAgator!!

  10. Congrats Lisa Marie.

    Awesome way to draw names. I was so excited to watch it all!

  11. Congrats To Lisa Marie!!!!


    The video was adorable!

  12. Great movie... so fun! And a B_I_G thank you to you for the banner. It is perfect!

  13. Hi there-
    I loved how you went through all the names before drawing - hillarious! You asked if I was connected to Amanda in your post and nope, I'm not that girl. Sorry. Hope you have an awesome day - stay cool, it's going to be a scorcher!

  14. Aww! That was such a cute and fun video! I love that you didn't even stumble over my name in the video...I get a lot of ummmmm? Sharon? Charren? Shareen? It's actually pronounced "Karen" but I forgive you :) :)
    Come see my blog! I have some fun news!


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