Leigh-Ann's Big Giveaway

Who Can Enter: Everyone can enter :] Worldwide :) Disclaimer: I shoulda de-hossed myself for this video, but i'm super busy and i keep putting it off. Lol, so bad! Draw Date: Friday, June 27th - Freckled Nest 2-Year Blog Anniversary Prize Value: $100+ PS: "You get a car! You get a car! YOU get a car!" (Oprah)


  1. no way! i've always wanted a target bag!!!! :)
    fabulous giveaway! the shirts you made are super-cute...

    tish in oklahoma
    (who is really good at spending lots of money on vacation, or any other time)

  2. I share my birthday with the FN blog?! I had no idea!! :D (Oh, and I love the lip piercing!)

    Bekka from Kentucky

  3. Happy 2 year blog-iversary!

    This is Shannon in Anaheim, Ca

  4. sorry I haven't popped in for awhile...we switched to internet lite - yuck! and well the first trimester is turning out to be a teeny bit rough...cest la vie! So, what a great giveaway...love the video and glad you had a fun trip. Congrats on going freckled full time! chat later

  5. Patty from Dan Danbury CT:)

    I know I have won before but hey let me try my luck again. Ive always wanted a fishy eye camera. My boyfriend will look extra silly in a picture taken with that:)

  6. You are too funny. If you ever need more Target bags, I can set you up.

    Enter me to win!

    Jenn Welbaum
    Mpls, MN

    And I'm secretly depressed that we didn't hook up when you were in town. You were busy shopping. :)

  7. Pick me, pick me, PLEEEEEASE.
    After all I'm one of your biggest supporters.:)


    Love Momma
    Momma doesn't have any GROWTHS.

  8. brother saw something of the sorts last weekend that would prove otherwise.


  9. Loved the video, you're so cute - you sound just like I thought you would!

    now of Kaysville, Utah

  10. hey, pick me!!!! Love all the cute stuff, hehe



  11. Aww LA you are so stinkin' cute! and smitten too!

  12. so fun! hey, where did keith get his lobster pants? i like!

    erin of tulsa, oklahoma

  13. evan sanford screaming pick me! pick me! from lubbock, texas.

  14. your accent is seriously the cutest thing ever! i often find myself loving the gift card designs at stores but never have the guts to take them, not as rebellious as you LA :) crossing my fingers to win this one!

    lisa marie of wisconsin

  15. I found your FN page through a sister of an old friend and have been checking up on you regularly! It's so nice to "meet" you via video on your blog. Just as cute as I imagined!!!! I look forward to more videos of fun stuff and brilliant crafting ideas in the near future. :)

    erin from DC (formerly SC and before that PA) :)

  16. Ure trip sounded super moo-a-licious!!! love the pics.

  17. Grrr. I hate that my work compy has no speakers! I'll watch this as soon as I get home!
    Congrats on the 2years, though!

  18. What fun!! How nice to give away a prize!! This is Elissa from Oregon!

  19. You're so awesome LA. Just awesome.

    I know shipping would be a killer to Sydney, Australia but I'll give i ago anyways.

    I wasn't going to mention your lip until you said that you got it pierced. Did it hurt???

  20. LA, I was talking to your video the whole time I watched it. My husband thinks I've gone bonkers. At the end when you said you had your lip pierced, I said I noticed. I must say as an older person I'm not real fond of piercings, but I'm more fond of that than my sons huge wings he just got tatooed across his sholders. It doesn't look all that bad on you I must say, I suppose if I wasn't so heavy I would have a pierced belly button. LOL Congrats on 2 years Chick!!!

    Rainy in Texas

  21. Fun post! My name is Sarah M from Lincoln Nebraska.

  22. congrates on the anniversary. Great items for the giveaway.

  23. I am SO HAPPY that my LDR is doing so well. The lip piercing ROCKS.... Did it hurt?

    Anyway love you

    Kristen from a warm bath in Michigan.

  24. Hello...

    As far as i read on the comments probably i live too far away...but who knows (maybe the SECRET works lolol)

    Sofia from Portugal.

  25. I am an avid reader of your blog...... whenever it pops up on my feed I pick it first. You have such enthusiasm for everything you do..it makes me tired...ha. I am lovin' that you are making art full time. You go girl!
    Pati from NM

  26. Leigh-Ann,

    This is the first time I ever stopped by your blog, but I just love your video. You are yourself and nothing fake. I love the giveaway items because they are just cool girl stuff and I could use some of your vibe in my uptight NYC world. Why aren't there girls like you here?

  27. the whole time i am watching, i am thinking, i didn't know she had her lip pierced..how have i missed that for like a year...do you find yourself playing with it alot? How is the kissing?
    tania from victoria

  28. Ok that was so cute!
    Ur LA from San Jose entering, of course! I just got home and came to ur blog first and checking email next... can't wait to see my goodies! YOU ROCK!

  29. Hi LA,

    Greetings from Malaysia!!
    I especially love the cute little bag. Just try my luck to win all the goodies.

    Happy 2nd Anniversary to Frecklednest and hope to see more of your cool designs.


  30. Hi from Chesapeake, VA.
    Happy Blog-a-versary!! Way cool! Love your stuff too! I LOL at the target bag and the orange straws! Did your Mom steal the container? ;-)
    Thanks for the chance to win and for sharing the video! :)

  31. pick me! pick meEee! i love your stuff. cant wait to try your kit! and the fisheye looks fab! (:

    *sheryl (singapore)

  32. Hey LA!!! I've been lookin' to see a new post for 2 or 3 days now and what a surprise... A VIDEO! I was smiling from ear to ear. Love your new shirt, and my boyfriend would appreciate Kieths shirt. He drives a Hemi. I saw your Idea Box YAY!!!! Did you end up finding a differant one or is it the one that was a little crushed on top?

    I would LOVE a fish eye camera!!!! So put me in .... Angela Delavan, WI.

  33. it IS like my closet. or like you said, my dream closet anyway. what a waste of a trip to UO if you didn't buy everything you saw. I miss you, so whenever I want to hear your voice, I'll just play this post. Kidding! we should have a hang out, even if it's short. oh, and enter me into this lovely draw. you spent $800 dollars? clearly i buy too many things from frecklednest. jokes!

  34. Hey, hey!!! This is so stinkin' cool! I want that fisheye cam SO bad!!! Loved the video, so fun!

    Melissa from Nashville, TN.

  35. LA ---> Oh my goodness-gravies, how freakin-stinkin' A-dorable are you!!
    Thank you for all of your inspiration, both creatively and in-life-ly (totally made that up... I do that, hehe).
    Huge Congratulations on your 2 Year Anniversary!
    In Love and Light, JenCoen
    P.S. Keith, you bring such illumination and joy to LA and Freckled Nest, I'm so glad you're here! You're Neon! (Again, me with the quirk-words. haha)

  36. the lip ring looks really cute on you! Sounds like you had super fun at the mall! i am so jealous :)

    Emily from Klamath Falls, OR

  37. Have a happy blog anniversary!

  38. you're so much fun! too bad you don't live in mississippi so we could be bffs!!

  39. Happy 2 year! I've been reading your blog for awhile...Always fun!

    Austin, TX

  40. Holy Moley!wow!
    what a generous sould you are, you guys looked like you had a fun trip! I love checking in on you from time to time. happy blogaverary!

    Jen from England, UK

  41. Bobbi Gagnon
    Grande Prairie, Alberta

  42. Fun, fun stuff :)

    Sarah from Massachusetts

  43. Wow...great giveaway! I saw houndstooth & started drooling. Jess

    P.S. what's "de-hossed" mean???

  44. i loooove this post. you are so cute and you in the video. :)
    oh, and the jem pyjamas are too cool!! i remember that tv-show/movie. lol.

    inka from finland :D

  45. you know your a rockstar, i don't have to tell you. more sweet videos like that one on your blog please.
    joy from va.

  46. Okay, now that I've got the official entry (name and location) out of the way, I can comment on your wicked awesome post. You are the cutest thing ever. I love the video. I love the lip it's beautiful (momma it will all be okay). Being your true self as a grownup ROCK, eh? Hope you have a wonderful day. Love, B

  47. First let me say that I think you are awesome...and super funny! :)

    Now let me say that it took me a minute to figure out your lip! LOL!!

    What a great giveaway, good luck to all who have entered! :)

  48. yay! How cute are you!?
    I watched as soon as I got home.
    What a pile of awesomeness, LA! Also, LOVE the piercing! Oh, the joys and privilege of self-employment!

  49. Happy, happy blogiversary!!! I would like to enter in the contest and I hope I will get the prize!!! yupiiiiii!!!!

  50. :) Fun video, LA!

    Joy in Oak Creek, WI

  51. cute! love the Jem Jammies. :D

    Christina in Seattle, WA

  52. well basically, you are just about the cutest thing ever. I so love your lip piercing. oh La, how cute are YOU! love loves, Lacy from michigan. the "other" lacy! ;)

  53. Congratulations on 2 years with FN!!! I wish you many, many more years of success :)

    Kendra in Missouri :)

  54. I'm from Winnipeg and a fan of your blog!!

  55. Christine Drevo in Chandler, AZ. What fun, sounds like you guys had a great time in the states!

  56. so much fun! Very cute video!

    Heather from MAINE! =)

  57. two things popped into my head when I saw your video:

    1. Jem, Jem is exciting ooooh Jem
    2. Rock Loster!!!!!!!

    and I'm done singing ;) Congrats on your blogiversary. I would LOVE all the pressies. In love with Elsie's rub ons.... *love* so....... PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME!!!!!! :) please?!?!?

    k - you know where I am. Oh, one more thing, pick me. k, I'm done.


  58. Wow! That's so thoughtful of you.
    The stuff all looks awesome :)

  59. Loving the piercing! Grats on your blogiversary, or is that blogthday? :D

    You should make a FN cake, cakes are good.

    Leo from Ireland

    PS I lol'd about charging the batteries ^^ That's the kind of thing I'd do. :D

  60. Happy Anny!!!! Love your Etsy shop too!!!! Can you sprinkle your creative dust on me ....please :)

  61. Hi Leigh-Ann,

    My name is Kathy Joseph. Friends call me KathyJo!

    Please pick me...Thnaks!
    P.S. Happy Blogaverssary!!

  62. HI Im Christa and Im from Illinois...love your northern accent!

  63. woahwoah! someone is going to be very lucky :)

    happy 2 years! and congrats on hitting 60000!

    stephanie / durham, nc

  64. cute video, love your blog!

    Laura in Sterling, Virginia

  65. your video was funny...
    i would love me that fish-eye camera..

    Jen from brandon, mb

  66. You are so cute!! :) Happy blog anniversary! :)

  67. Happy blog-iversary!

    Anna E.
    Northampton, MA

  68. Jenny Pranskevich6/27/2008 01:19:00 am

    WoW!! sure looks like you had fun!!

    Jenny from "day-go" (ie San Diego)/jennygr8@gmail.com

    ps- your mom's response/comment was funny!

  69. wow! happy blog anniversary!
    what a lovely package you put
    together! sounds like you had
    lots of fun! :)

    have an amazing day! <3

  70. OMG, I just watched the video of you and Keith at the MOA and it must be said that you guys are just about the cutest...ever. Seriously, I was grinning from ear to ear...love seeing people in love and just being really sweet together. It's the best and it looks so good on you!

    Big hugs! Kinsey

    PS. The lip ring looks hot girl!

  71. Hey!!! Leigh-Ann sorry i forgot to write mt comment, i think u are a r a very sweet person i identifly my self alot with u, i hop we can get in contact after the contest u are very origial in everything u say and give away, i liked it alot and awesome video hahaha, i like the camara too, and the post card ok then i send u a kiss and have a great day. bye bye

  72. sorry Leigh-Ann i forgot t put where i am from, ok i'm from south america in a country named Bolivia, the city's name is La Paz, its a great place ifu wanna come sometime!!!

  73. I am digging the videos!!
    You make Minnesota look so fun.

  74. how fun! you are the coolest....love the blog.love it.

    erin of salt lake, UT or as some people say SL,UT

  75. Love the video :) As well as the fisheye camera!

    Christina from East Texas

  76. ahhh omg you are SO cute! i think i'm in love with you! :P

    fabulous givaway! i would LOOOVE that fisheye! you are too good your bloggy visitors!

    hope you feel better! :)))

  77. Your video is great! I LURVED watching it. You are super fun.

    Tiffani, Alabama

  78. hope your feeling better, sucks to be sick, no?

    okay, will check back in da morning, hoping and wishing i see my name here

  79. oops, then i forgot my name, i mean, i didn't forget it, just forgot to put it down.

    ~Tiffany M.

  80. Hey! I would love to win. Winning is awesome! Thanks and cheers!


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