whoomp there it is.

member that song?
"tag team back again, check it, direct it, lets begin, come on party people let me hear some noise, dc's in the house jump jump rejoice..."
i think i was likely sportin red denim jeans when that song was in it's prime. lol, i wanted red jeans SO bad. mom says i wore them ALL the time. hmmmm. i may have even tappered the ankles with a mass of safety pins. with slouch socks. lol-- what WAS that!?
is it only thursday? can't wait for the weekend.
hitting fastfwd.
I also really enjoyed Jump On It by Sir Mix a Lot, Again by Janet Jackson and that "Biiiill, i love you so-o, I always will" song from My Girl, everything by Zao (that was a strong phase, lol) and Ready or Not and Killing me Softly by the Fugees, You're So Vain by Carly Simon and the entire soundtrack to the movie, Now and Then. I could watch that movie a million times.


  1. oh my word, we're practically music twins.

    and did you know that colored jeans are coming back? NOOOOO!

  2. Don't forget about Creep by TLC and Dreams by Gabrielle :)

    (I don't even think those were out at the same time, but it was sooo long ago now that they just seem to blend together...)

  3. I completely forgot about that movie... I loved it!!! Fantastic.

  4. Yesssss!!! :) I sing/rap tag team at work when I'm bribed or begged by my co-workers :)
    Love all the songs you listed! Yay for nerdy old music :)

  5. You inspired me :) I just posted some of my favorite old school songs on my blogs :)

  6. Won't you marry me Biilll? I love you SOO I always will...

    I LOVE that song too! I'm sure I will be singing it all day now thanks to this post! LOL

  7. omg... LOVES it! and that photo from Now & Then...
    I <3 that movie so much... sooo soo much! xoox


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