"hey you guys"

I'm totally a Goonie. This movie suited me so well as a kid (and still)...
What was "your movie"?
Busy working on lots of deadlines right now... and lots of shipping to do this weekend :]
Then...going to work on new things (fun new things, can't wait!) for my very empty etsy shop AND making 2 mini albums for fun... our So Much album and a special portfolio album for Superior Scale ;)
oh...by the way... IT'S FRIIIIIIIIIIIIIDAAAAAY!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOT!! :)
Hotdog day too!


  1. Baby Ruth?????!!!!!!!

    Oh my goodness, I am one of the biggest Goonies fans EVER. I am such a nerd, in fact, that three years ago I took my mom to Oregon for a fun trip, without exactly mentioning that one or two days of it we might be going to all of the film sites to take pictures, etc. So I can say I have been to a lot of the places that were in the film -- it was pretty cool. And I didn't even plan it but we were there the month after the 20th anniversary celebration so I got a cool hoodie and t-shirt that says Never Say Die on it.

    Hahaha, I am such a nerd. But it's nice to know that loving the Goonies is universal!

  2. i loved the movie Sixteen Candles. I totally related to that movie on every scale when i was in my senior year in high school...crazy about a rich guy who i thought liked me only as a friend and then prom night he totally surprised me...it was kind of a messed up senior year for me because of my feelings for this guys and the whole " dating game" ( god, i am sooo glad high scool is over!! ) anyway...a good movie to bring back lots of those teenage memories!!
    i thought goonies was an okay movie...all that pre-pubescent male screeching got to me after a while....i'm dreading my own son's pre-teen voice already!!

  3. OH VALERIE!!! I'm so jealosity on you! (That's inka's word)

    Please send me some of your cool goonie pictures! I want a never say die shirt toO!!

    i got to see dirty dancing in theatres last year for the 20th anniversary. can i have some cool points for that?

    honestly, i love goonies so much! and i had a mega crush on puffer-boy! mmmmm, those braces!

    "slick shoes"

  4. Goonies were great. For me it was The Princess Bride and The Outsiders though. "Man, that mustang's tuff."

  5. I was a big Goonie fan along with The Princess Bride, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Freaky Friday (Jodie Foster version) and Alice In Wonderland.
    ummm some things never change.

    Also, in 2006 I went to Portland for vacation and a couple friends and I went to Canon Beach where "the rock" is! I have the pics on my flickr

  6. Oh oh, me too, me too! I was/am such a Goonies fan and I've got my kids liking that movie too! Never cared much for Sixteen Candles, but I LOVED The Breakfast Club! "Will you stand beside me, call my name and...."

  7. Goonies was the best show ever.

    I love Breakfast at Tiffany's

  8. "I" actually stayed in bed this morning "YES, ME" and watched most of My Girl, forgot how sad this movie was, but really enjoyed it and cryed.
    It's AMAZING that I stayed in bed everyone, ask LA.

    Love Momma


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