feel her sunshine

My friend Hannah (Tania's daughter) WON an all expense paid trip to the 2009 Grammy's in LA!! Holy Crapooooolli!!! Tania says the odds were 1 in 450,000!!!
Since I'm on the topic of Hannah.
I've never known a girl like her before! If we lived in the same province, I'd wanna hang with her lots. She'd be my muse. Tania and I have talked about her coming to Winnipeg to stay with me for a while and hang. I think this would be super duper. Han and me email sometimes (her emails are the best. it's always a happy-hyper one sentance paragraph) and we've chatted briefly on the phone a few times...and she seriously will light anyone up! She's just great!!! And she's like 11 or 12. She's full of personal style, zip and beauty! Plus she's full of joy and creative juices :] I can't wait to see what she becomes!!!
Most of these pictures have inspired me as the background on my computer over the last year. Tania captures her so well and she makes me happy! Hope we meet some day :]


  1. Hi Hannah, I'm Leigh-Ann's Mom
    Just incase, Hannah if you don't have anyone to go with you to the Grammy's I WOULD LOVE TO GO. No pressure!!!, but I could be you escort, chapparone, bag carrier, maid, driver, shopper, whatever you would like. Congratulations you lucky girl!
    You sound like such a wonderful girl, a fun spirited girl and enjoying life.
    You have a beautiful daughter Tania, she looks like her Mom. :)

    Love Momma

  2. ~Adorable....
    She is so amazing.


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