Freestyle Friday: Just ToDo It

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I'll try and be regular about this. Every Friday, I'll post a 'thing' for a fun or good something to do on the weekend. It will be something I plan to do or already did, and we can do it 'together' :) Sometimes it'll be creative-stuff...sometimes life-stuff...sometimes lovey-stuff...sometimes personal development stuff...sometimes who knows ;) My thing this weekend is to get that thing done that i've been procrastining. My to do list. Time to cross lots of stuff off. Join Me... Grab a piece of looseleaf and write down all the to do things you have at the back of your mind and then decide and highlight which ones you CAN actually accomplish. And make sure you choose some of the ones that you're not feeling so fly about. There's a real good feeling that comes from getting those ones done. It's probably that that guilt space in your head is opened up again for fun things :) Then to celebrate, dance :] I'll share my big adventurous list: (I'm a little ashamed that some of these things are still on my list. But being in love is so much fun... i got a little distracted ;) - Re-title Meredith and Kendra's albums, Mail - Mail Michelle her banner - Finish stuffing Kits, Mail Kits - Mail Inka and Alice their Roll-ups - 5 Photobooth Albums for Emily, Mail - Get tax stuff to Dave (this is overdue. erggg) - Dishes - Laundry - Yard - Lots of funtimes with Keith :) Oh! Gotta go, Seinfelds on. It's the last episode. yeee :)
"The Judges name is Vandaley? Really? I think that's a good sign!" -George Next Friday's *thing* will be more fun! I'll shoot for some*thing creative :) I'll update my list at the end of the weekend. What do i get if it's alllll done?


  1. if your list is all done in the weekend, you´ll get a great feeling. :)
    have fun!!


  2. you get a big fat kiss from Meeeee.

  3. How's the list going Leigh-Ann??

    Love Momma

  4. it's going SO good!! last night i finished packing the kits, packing tons of stuff for shipping, retitled merediths album and started the photobooth albums!!! then, i went karting and keith and i BOTH improved our times!!! it was awesome!!!
    right now, we're sitting in the studio building. keith's getting a model ready for the minneapolis convention next month and i'm building the photobooth albums and we pulled the tv into the hall and we're watching the race... and there was just a mega big crash!
    later we'll go grab subway and then we're gonna go see a late movie with the giftcard you gave keith for his birthday.

    love you momma :)

    i'm so inspired to make stuff again!!! i think it's because i'm almost thru my list!! and i'm having so much fun doing it with keith! :)

    i'm back baby!

    i'm gonna sidetrack and retitle kendras album while i'm at my desk.

    oh! and by the way.... yeee--- the studio's useable again!!! fun fun! :)

    lol. keith's drying his glue under the lamp. it's funny. i love him.

    is this a blog post?!

  5. Today was definetly not a "to-do" kind of day! We went flea-marketing and then to the park and then we had a cook-out and now we are jus pooped! It was such a good day!

    Now, Sunday... that's a possible "to-do" day! I've got to patch up the holes in the kitchen where the cupboard fell down, paint and then install open shelving and see how we like that for a while.

    Have fun!!

  6. ANNNNNNNNNND my taxes are done and sent innnnnnn!!!!

  7. This is such a fun idea....
    Can't wait for Friday's now.


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