Freestyle Friday: Car Photoshoot

This ones fun and easy :)
The Freestyle Friday challenge this week is to do a Car Photoshoot ;) Taking pictures in and from the car is rad. If it's a self portrait, your skin is going to look stellar (natural light surrounds you). If it's driveby's a fun way to capture things you like around your city. If you've got kids in the back seat...capture them in their little world. Don't get them to pause or pose. Do it at a red light, do it "arm out", do it while you drive by, do it at the train :) Don't think too much, just shoot :) And please be careful (or this will happen but in a car) :) Join and link your photos in our Freestyle Friday flickr group :) Here's some of mine... I love that green door. I gaze at it everyday. Dream house color! (photobooth on my laptop while waiting for a train) (old paint on brick is special) (driving home from the cabin last summer) Have a good weekend!!!
ADDED: I was telling Keith at lunch about this weeks Friday Freestyle...and he just sent me these thru text... "here's for your blog babe" :)


  1. i totally love this challenge la!!!
    i´m going to make it tomorrow. is it ok if the photos are not taken on friday? lol.
    i also joined to the flickr group already. :)
    have a fun weekend!!

  2. cool ink!!!
    you can do it anytime this week :) it's just called freestyle friday cause i *announce* the new freestyle every friday. :)
    i hope you have a great weekend too!!!

  3. Dear Leigh-Ann

    THanks for the fun times on wednesday. I didn't realize that i miss you as much as i did when i saw you. i hope that makes sense. anyway, pickle pin is with me now, as i sit in my kitchen, unemployed, caramelizing onions for sunday dinner. i watched aross the univers, not one, but two more times.

  4. Hi come up with some crazy stuff and I love it! Have a great weekend - maybe I can borrow Autumn's camera for a photo shoot. We're going to Relay for Life tonight...that might be a good place to get some good pics!

  5. This rocks! I'm joining now!

    also, you seem to have found one of the sweetest boys in all the land! Go you!

  6. What a sweet guy you have (in a super sweet ride). Looks like such a fun sunny Friday afternoon.

  7. great pics LA! so fun!


  8. the curious brother5/11/2008 09:54:00 pm

    who cares about this picture while you drive shannigans, KEITH what kind of car is that your in, and whose black car is that i wanna say either camaero or GTO

  9. Ooooh another great challenge...


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