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Where do these go? How do you display your uber cool albums???
ummmm, i got this basket for $4 at a thrift store (momma always wants to sneek it from me). It's on a thrifted fold-down table in a corner of my living room. I make mini albums rather than 12x12 scrapbooks because they're fun, finishable, you can leave them out and they're not so overwhelming for people looking at them. (I'm pro-minialbum)
* Who is the woman in the “…hatching Inspiration…” logo on your blog? Her name is Rita Silvan...she's the editor-in-chief of Elle Canada Magazine. I adore her glowing beauty and personal style. I just used a picture from a magazine and didn't know who she was. Then i fell for her when she was a judge on Project Runway Canada. Amanda and I watched it every week and loved her and Shaggy ;) She wears polka dots beautifully. I think she's so pretty. And listening to her speak is incredible. She's very articulate and well poised. * Where do you get the energy and how do you find the time to do all the things you do? "It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from. The ability to triumph begins with you — always." -Oprah Short Answer: My energy comes from lots of places... but usually, I'm really self motivated...and i *love* doing what i do :) New ideas give me the most energy and, then making them come to life is really exhilerating :) I'm constantly thirsty to create and be in my studio... it's magical :] As for time, sometimes it's tricky, sometimes it's easy. I love working thru the night and am the most creative and energized when Winnipeg is asleep. But I have more of a social life these days, so I spend less time in the studio...but it's just as precious when I get in there. Having a studio in my home makes it a lot easier to zip in there because it's always ready to go & permanently set up. (Usually there's a pile of unfolded laundry heaped on my desk, but that's easy to relocate ;) (Yes Mom and Amanda...i know it'd be easier to just fold it right away ;) Long Answer: For the last 6 months, I was in a major slump. After the divorce, I felt like I lost a lot of my creative instincts and desire. I kinda put life on cruise control. But I tried to keep with it (my mom really kept me encouraged), and we knew it would eventually come back. I'd never lost it before..so it was a bit scary and sad. But it's totally back again and I can't keep up with the ideas and opportunities :) Here's the thing. My dream is to create full time...as a career. I have a goal and vision for where I want to be and with what I feel I'm meant to do in my life. And so that really fuels me. I'm very driven and passionate when it's something I love. And I'm very entrepunerial (instilled in me from my Dad whose amazing with thinking outside of the box and never giving up and working hard for what you want). I decided a few years ago that if i want to see my dreams come true, it's not fair to have kids yet. They need my time and "apparently", they cost a lot... and I need both those things right now towards my dream. It probably sounds selfish, but I've decided this because when i do have kids, I don't wanna resent lost opporunties and unmet dreams and I especially want to be the Mom they deserve and give them everything they need. Kids has never 'felt right' yet. One day it will be. And honestly, I still like sleeping in way too much...haha. There's too much bursting out of me to stifle with children that don't need to be born yet...there's no rush for me. (lol, as if i'm in any position to have kids... i'm more speaking about "before".) Really though, when I was a young woman, my mom said something to me that stuck: "You don't need to have kids right away. They will be the same when they come when the time is right and ready." So anyways, my point is... I've set my life up to be able to be focused on doing what I do and working towards my dream. I don't recommend this kind of schedule and sometimes it frustrates my friends and family. I work a lot and my mind is always dreaming up something new. It's a wonderful curse ;) And I don't watch regular TV anymore. Takes up too much time. If I was a mom or something (with way less freetime), I think I'd find my energy in the rejuvenation that creativity brings. And try to take as much as I could from those opportunities. * If you could learn one new skill today, what would it be? Creatively: can't choose... Sewing and Photoshop. Personally: I'd really like to be an impressive dancer. * What is your favourite colour? All of them except for forest green :) I love color so much... SO much! My favorite changes often, right now, i'm really attracted to old orange cars. But i'm still stuck on aqua, olive green and sunny yellow and accents of red :) I love juicy colors the most :) * How did you know you were ready to date again? I didn't. I was just pretty lonely and needed distraction from my very empty house...and especially... just needed some happiness. For a while, I just went on dates and made a few friends...but I wasn't looking for a relationship. Then I quit doing that cause I wanted to find peace in my situation without that confusion and drama. Some time passed... and I met Keith :) He was/is amazing and we've hung out almost everyday since we met (3 months ago) cause we just couldn't get enough of each other. He's really special to me :) * Where do you get inspiration? oh man...Everywhere! I think that for me, being easily and constantly inspired is because of my life attitude. I try to live with a positive attitude and look for the beauty&best in people, situations and places. I live with my eyes open. I'm always observing and appreciating. Living with a happy heart creates lots of happy situations :) And from those, I take lots of inspiration. My eyes have always instinctively recognized beauty. I seriously see it everywhere and it makes my heart bubble :) And that bubble feeling is energizing and is the same exciting feeling I get when I create. It all just works together. * As for "where", I see beauty/inspiration in 4 places the most: old stuff: going thrifting/fleaing is like an inspiration overload. i love imaging the story and owners behind the old things. Buttons make me swoon. And Signage!--- oh man, i love words/font and old storefronts! And old buildings with character! And lately, because of Keith's love for cars and racing, I've really come to appreciate cars like never before. moments: seeing people live their life well...mmmmmm! and living my own life intentionally and passionately...there's nothing better! I love seeing old people hold hands. Children coloring outside the lines. Hugs from behind and birds flying in big groups. Yesterday, Keith called me 'his little potato', and I had the biggest grin on my face. I've always wanted to be called someones Potato (I don't know why, but i just thought that'd be it!). That moment was so perfect. * (here's one of my favorite moments in my life) Last christmas (2 months after my seperation), I couldn't afford to buy christmas gifts for my family. I only bought one. A book for my very young neices, Olivia and Kennedy. We were all at Mom and Dad's (it was really hard for me to be there trying to celebrate, when inside I was still so sad)...but I gave Olivia and Kennedy their gift and they unwrapped it together. They love books and were perplexed by this one... and for the first time ever, they both came and sat on my lap... in the middle of Christmas morning... and they motioned for me to read it to them. Gift opening just came to a beautiful pause and I read them the book. Afterwards, the girls gave me a hug. It was the first special bonding moment I'd had with them...and it was SO precious! Our family all just had a moment when that happened. They all knew how much I needed that...so bad. And the best part, Olivia and Kennedy just did it. They just did-it. * Being believed in: It feels SO good to be believed in! My family believes in me and supports me and Freckled Nest...and I love that I can share my joy for it with them :) And Keith believes in me. He encourages me all the time and I feel so motivated by his love. The friendships I've made thru my blog and the blogworld are awesome and encouraging too! The chicks are pretty superb! We've become a really tight group and our Birds on a Wire blog feels like a conversation across the world but sitting in the same room drinking Cosmos and talking about everything. I consider Inka, Kristen, Tania, Jessica, Teaque and Autumn (and Manda) part of my family! Lastly, I believe in myself. I think that's really important. * Others: And I love being inspired by friends, strangers, other artists, bloggers and photographers. Flickr is amazing for that! Elsie inspires me the most. And I really like to Google-Image random things and make blog collages out of them. I find that really inspires me :) (Found in Google Images) * Do you make those albums or recover something?? and how?! I make them from scratch :) I designed them a few years ago and now I just do them as commissions (not premade). I'm thinking that i will probably make this a project kit for the Freckled Nest Winter Kit this year. We'll see :) How's Penny? I haven't seen her since she moved away. It didn't work out where she moved to, so Tyson found her a new home. He told me she lives in Ontario on a farm with a really nice man, Perry (Perry&Penny....SO cute!). He really loves her and that makes me so happy for Penpen. But me and Lola really really miss her. Perry might let her have one batch of purebread puppies...if he does, I'm wanna drive there and see her and her babies. But I'm scared it will confuse her to see me again. Might be too hard, for both of us. * Keith is cute. You have no idea! I think he's the cutest when he's building his models...he get's this sweet concentration and these grins that just pop up. He's so good at building the cars, it's incredible to watch them come to life! * How do you come up with your ideas? They just come to my head and I do them. I'm not afraid to try new things and I'm always listening to my imagination. One thing I do is I keep my eyes open for cool supplies that aren't typically used in the industry. The So Much album is made out of a pack of clear binder dividers. Then I resized them, and made them into a cool album :) Think outside of the box and accept that it's all possible :) Another idea I wanna share...HOCKEY TAPE! Saw it at Superstore one day, and thought..."hey, this is pretty much Gaffer Tape?! I'll try it!" And it's been awesome :) White roll=$3. * Evan asked... You've mentioned work before. Not in the sense of the obvious fun creative work you do, but in the sense of "I'm taking the day off from work for my birthday" or "on my way home from work". You have a full time job? What is it? Monday to Friday, 8:30-4pm ...I'm a secretary at a church downtown. It's a really good job. I work with Brian (Sr.Pastor/hilarious man) and Kevin (Associate Pastor and my friend who I knew from long ago) and Ley (Custodian/the filipino godfather...that's a joke, Ley has lots of connections in the filipino community, I call him 'the Godfather'). We all have fun working together...but I mostly work independantly. I've been here for almost 3 years, before that, I was a nanny to 2 boys for 4 years. * Elizabeth Crush asked... You're stranded on a island with only one Seinfeld character to keep you company/help you return to civilization. Who do you pick? I'm totally picking George. He'd be so funny...but I'd have to secretly laugh at him...he wouldn't like knowing I'm laughing at his Georgisms ;) * Kristen asked... Did you always have a "blogbrain" or did you get it over time? How do you keep your self inspired to blog daily? Pretty much...yes :) I actually hold back blogging more often than I do cause I don't wanna look like a loser ;) haha. I really like the community, and having a log of my life. Sometimes, it's fun to look back and see how I've changed, grown, what I've come thru, and old photos :) For people that want to have blogbrain (d. your head easily forms blog topics out of your experiences)... i'd suggest these things: - accept that you don't have to make it perfect. you're not getting graded. - blog about random stuff. that's all i do, and apparently it's interesting...lol. - be yourself. talk like you really do in real life. it's relatable. - be regular. if you want readers, they want to see new things... so just post often. it gets easier once you're in the habit. -if you're comfortable with it, be vulnerable. be real. - use pictures! i really dislike reading...i want the picture to draw me in...then i'll probably read it. - don't get discouraged with a lack of comments. Blogs are like Quickiemarts. You just go in to grab something sweet, glance at the magazine covers, then you're on you're way. Sometimes you say hi to Apu... but sometimes you just get your Snickers and go. Don't take it personal. Wheeeew, that was a lot of typing. lol. Have a super day! It's sunny and I'm having a healthy lunch :) byebye :)


  1. OK so I've been a really bad commenter lately (on everyone's blog not just yours) but there were a few things in here that I just HAD to comment on... first off your Apu comment had me ROFL and the impressive dancer hey??? You'll have to EMAIL me more about that one!! :) love ya! I enjoyed reading as always! oh and I can't remember if it was on Birds or here but I TOTALLY saw the America comment - made me laugh so hard!! So glad your creative mojo is back! Oh and one day you mentioned how to comment which of course made me laugh but the whole copy first before you submit was awesome I do it every time now....

  2. I have a new favorite FN blog post - this one! I love how much you reveal about your creative mind & inspiration. You ARE an inspiration!

  3. Whew - I'm exhausted and I only had to read that (hee hee). What an amazing post LA. You're so open, honest and inspiring and that is a truly amazing and unique gift.

    ps. I like the George call but I think I'm going to go with Kramer. His ideas are wacky enough that sooner or later something would have to work/save us (if he didn't get us eaten by sharks on day one).

  4. Oh and psst...I love uber! Uber is the best. All of the best things in life should have an uber prefix. : )

  5. Hi Leigh-Ann,

    Love this post and

    Made me tear up when you talked about Christmas and Olivia and Kennedy, it was such a sad time for you and glad you are all over that and in love again. You deserve happiness
    Hi Keith, nice pictures of you. :)

    Love Momma

  6. Must say LALA I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Had been wondering when you were going to answer those questions. Read it pre/post photos. Enjoyed it more with pix, guess I'm a visual person, maybe, I could be, there is really no way of knowing. lol
    Love SharZ

  7. how are you sweet pea??!! I like this post alot..i LOVE all of the picture stories..I love pictures..and i lvoe your stories ;)

  8. I have to say that I think this was a GREAT post! Not exactly sure why, but I think this is my new fav!

  9. wow. thanks for sharing so honestly!! you are truly an inspiration for me. i love love love your blog... blessings!

  10. LOVE THE ANSWERS... and the questions!

    You ahve some amazing readers... *cough Kristen Cough cough


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