Okay. So this guy above is named Jonathon Roberts. I saw his cool pic idea on his flickr... so I gave it a try while I rode over to Amanda's house... I wasn't super happy with it cause I look like robocops daughter with that forehead, so I tried again...that's when it all went wrong. I thought I saw a car coming in my bike mirror, I paniced and crashed into the curb...being hurled/flung off my bike. I skinned my leg & got pretty bruised and scratched up. Then of course, I took a picture.... Then, i heard a pssss sound. I shot my tire. Walked home limping and switched to Tyson's bike. And did this.... I settled with this shot, cause I almost drove into a parked car. *** Lesson: Do this kinda photo in an empty parking lot. ;) Added: I forgot to mention, there was a boy (11 or 12 yrs old) walking by, and i hoped and pretended he hadn't seen "the crash" (or heard me scream on the way down), so i pretended I was just taking 'a break' on the side of the road. Also, this DID happen in a car once. I was driving home from Kenora when Tys and I were long distance dating, and it was a boring lonely ride. So i was looking at the clouds (driving 110km p/hr)....and i drifted onto the gravel sholder....360'd three times and swerved like a stunt woman. I was so lucky no cars were around or the news woulda been announcing a deadly pile up on the #1. I pulled over and cried my eyes out, it was really scary! But as I saw a car coming, I didn't want anyone to stop and ask me why that had happened, so i pulled out my old cell phone (with a dead battery that didn't even have service) and had a fake conversation. Kody&Mom: I mentioned the reason I crashed my bike to Dad, he just bit his tounge and tried not to blow up at the unsafeness. I guess this kinda thing is why he didn't want me to play baseball as a kid... i woulda knocked my teeth out.


  1. i was gonna make a sarcastic comment that you probably crashed, then i scrolled down a bit and thats why im writing this comment the way i am, rather than

    he leighann i bet you crashed
    leighann do you really think this is a good idea
    i could make more but you probably know what they would sound like

  2. I love the last photo L-A - try for an angle that shows your face in the mirror. That would be totally awesome. About the road-rash - I'm thinking that you better not try this when you are driving a car! :}

  3. Okay Leigh-Anndra! I was so laughin out loud as I read this! And it just kept getting funnier and funnier! You crack me up! And, like your bro, i totally saw that all comin! :) I love you!

  4. i didnt see it coming i just knew it would happen

  5. Oh Gawd! My cheeks, my aching cheeks, the laughing fit... I think... I pulled... something....

    Do it again. C'mon, pleeeeeeeeease?????? Just one more time?

    And then, after that, no more, cuz you might really get hurt and then who would make me laugh everyday?

  6. i agree that an empty parking lot would have worked better on this little project of yours...
    i'm glad you're okay, minus a few bumps and bruises and lots of chuckles from anyone who saw this 'demonstration' on their street!!!
    ...besides i think that all positions have been filled for the next edition of JACKASS the movie already!!! wish i could have been there with MY camera!!!
    :O)make sure tyson kisses all your booboos better...

  7. I like how your first instinct was to take a pic of you laying on the ground after bailing off the bike. lol.
    BTW - I had a similar trip on the highway but I wasn't driving, it was my BIL in my MILs car when we were teenagers. We never told them, but we hit the shoulder and 360d twice before ending up on the other shoulder inches from a hydro pole. Yikes. My brush with death.
    That, and I fell off my bike a few times too :-)

  8. good idea for a photo, risking your life not so much! :P WHERE IS YOUR HELMET!!!!!!!! I bike and I wear a helmet! My friends Nessa & Drea have both had bike "incidents" this year already consisting of a seat breaking clean off her bike and the other one going ass over tea kettle over her handlebars. I don't know how this happens. In all my years of riding this has never happened to me! ;P (touch wood) I say ride on Leigh-ann, ride on! (in a parking lot! :P:P)


    p.s. - GET A HELMET! mine's really sexy! :P lolololol.

  9. no must where a helmet when taking photos during potentially crasherous activities..sorry..lmao..not at you...with you!!!!
    crazy girl you!

  10. This post is so funny! I am so glad you referred back to it so I could laugh my head off!

  11. so funny but could've been worse i'm sure. yes a good idea for a photo but probably a much better idea for only a tiny neighborhood street. lucky you can even do that...cause i'm sure i cant w/ my back & other health & people judge me enough already cause of that & why i dont do my weeds so i really never want them to "catch" me taking pictures. yes there are some really awful, nosy, judgemental neighbors i have. so much that now that i know, i want to move. oh well, tmi from me. like i said great idea...but maybe needs more planning & people wouldnt even realize it took planning. =)

    hope that didnt sound too mean to you...i didnt want it to sound that way. sad i cant do such things...but like i said, i wish i could do that & i'll leave it @ that. too much sad & it could come back to haunt me. if you want more info, you can email me & i can explain why & it'll make sense. right now youre prob like wtf? why cant she do such things? lol.

    ps--read here based on your photoshoot friday will comment there too. sooo sad that i just had found your blog & had so many health issues & am so behind in blog love. in case you wanted to know why lol. i'm a tmi girl huh?


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