do you ever get a loose hair down your boobs, and it tickles when you pull it out?

- Red Velvet Art Kit Club asked me to Guest Design for their June Project Kit. Eeeeek!!!
- If you ever need a Minneapolis tour guide, I tapped into a pro... Thanks Jenn for all your suggestions!!! Yay for our trip!! (June 5-8) It's gonna be so fun!
- I need to make this recipe (from Jenn's blog)!
- Post your photos from the Freestyle Friday: Car Photoshoot here by tonight :) I'll make & share a mosaic of everybodies snapshots with tomorrows new challenge :) I've already picked tomorrows freestyle and it's a fun one! :)
- Grocery Shopping (my favorite kinda shopping; color explosion!) tonight and we're renting Corky Romano---"I should buy a boat!"

- Check out this fun artist, Linzie Hunter. She uses spam subject lines :)

- I've been making lots of things for my shop. A fillup is on the horizon :)

- This month's Anti-Craft is all about bacon!
- This makes me so happy :)
- The pigeons are at it again. Coo. Coo. CooOOOO.
- I wanna write or contribute to a craft book. If you want me to do that, I will. :)
-I wanna travel teach at scrapbook stores around the world. If you want me to do that, I will.
- I'm starting the FN Summer Kits design this weekend. It's gonna be super duper :]

Keith took this last week. He captured me :)

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Go smile at the sun... take it in :)


  1. Loose hair and...toast crumbs...actually, several food articles. It's like a snack pack in there. And that's why it would be good to be stranded on an island with me...there would be food.

    I love today's post. You sound very happy, excited, hope-filled and eeekalicious.

  2. i bought corky romano in a two pack with deuce bigalow. double the movies, double the awesomeness

  3. Wow LA...You are blooming in all different directions. It's such an inspiration to read your posts. You always seem in such high spirits. Which helps a girl who has been sick all week and hasn't been to work since Monday, Now I'm going to be soooo broke come next weeks paycheck. When you get a chance check out my flickr I've been working long hours on wedding photography and have them all posted. (Well the ones that I want to show anyway)You can get to my flickr via my blog.

    I must also say in regards to all of your happy posts that you have tweeked my inspiration and I want to get to creating soon. But another busy weekend is arising.

    I just recieved Elsie's new Recipe Box Tues. and cant wait to start using some of the new ideas.

    My lovely tote that you made has come in real handy with the recent photo shoots that I have done. I can hold my camera with all of its attachments on it right in the bag. And all the pockets for extras like pens, lipstick, gum....

    I know you wanted to see me in my outfit that I wore for the wedding shoot but the shots taken of me weren't that good so I will be posting one to my blog that was taken at a later time with the out fit that I wore. Minus the white coat.

    And speaking of movies I bought the 2 pack of P.S. I love you, and Must Love Dogs. I love both those movies.

    Cant wait to hear about your trip to the states, and see your video. I use a FLIP too. They are nice.

    Geeze I should've wrote you an e-mail hey! lol! This is what happens when you've been cooped up for 4 days.

  4. awwww, thanks Ang :)

    I'm usually pretty happy and positive :) But it's not "always".
    Don't wanna burst your bubble, but there are times when i'm in a short term funk. I just try to focus on the good things.
    I had one of the days on Tuesday (the day I didn't blog)...egggh. What a day. I had a really hard day at work. My depression was surfacing, I felt emotionally drained and so tired. Dreading this Saturday (my would-be 5 year anniversary) And I worried about some pretty serious things. Then, I came home to a speeding ticket in my mailbox for $167. I decided to go to sleep. Lol. I slept 3 hours, got rid of the exhaustion and keith woke me up when he came over and cuddled me. It made it all better. Then we crafted. That was quite a day. We all have them once and a while. I don't want people to think I have this always happy life. I have days. lol.

    I'm really glad my blog inspires you! :) That's really cool :)

    Our trip to America is going to be SO fun!! We talk about it lots :) We're going with Keith's parents, who are super duper. I hope my Flip comes in time. I'll bring the laptop and blog from the road/hotel (me and keith's hotel room has wireless. YAY!)

    Elsie's new book is totally on my shopping list for the States :) I can't wait to read it :)

    I'll look at your pictures soon :) Thanks for letting me know they're ready :)


  5. Shut. Up.

    Red velvet kit club!? Eeeeek. You ROCK.

    I'm currently working on some stuff that I think is going to be awesome. Super excited to release them. Think butterflies.

    Just sent you commision on etsy... yay!

    Yes, hair in my boobs feels funny.

  6. YAY for you GD on RVKC! will definitely have to make sure i get that project then for sure!!

    i also am really excited for your freestyle friday. i took some pix in the car the other day so once i get them into flickr, i'll add them into the group. and finally my health is a tad better so hopefully i can do it sometimes.

    i also love your blog...found it awhile ago thru patty (we're online buddies) & got behind in reading & comment love (for you, patty & all my other friends) i'm SLOWLY trying to catch up. things have been really rough for me lately...and i'm happy for even a good day even just once a month, and sometimes i'm not very lucky. so i love your blog...and its alot like elsie's....very inspiring & uplifting. i tend to have word vomit so i try not to blog when i'm upset...which hasnt been very much in a long long time. anyway, so thanks for that. i just hope i can have some more good days so i can read more regularly. things started so well this wk...then i had a kick ass time, then some people were kinda rude to me, and i felt dissed by the few friends/family i have semi nearby & now i'm so sad all over again. and i should be happy cause this wk was so wonderful to begin w/...and something special this wkend...but i just cant get out. having your dr/therapist drop you doesnt really help. oh well...see word vomit? lol. so i always love your blog...and thanks for being nice the last time i commented & coming to my blog & leaving me a comment, made me feel special! =)

    anyway wish i knew of any craft things you could lend your talents too...cause you would so rock it! if you ever get the chance to come anywhere in colorado, i'd go to any class you teach for sure! and glad you are so happy & in love. you deserve it so very much. and things like that always give me hope... anyway i will stop there. you can always email if you'd ever wanna chat more.



  7. I just put a hair between my boobs to see if it tickled.... No it didnt... Maybe it has to be natural.

    Love that picture of you LDR... You are so beautiful.


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