to Teaque:

My workfriend Kevin and I were laughing so hard at a "You Know You're a Redneck When..." email he sent me today. (Comment me your email if you want to see it. You'll laugh good.) * Teaque and I have a running Walmart joke. We tell each other wayTMI all the time cause we know we'll never run into each other at the walmart (since she's in Kentucky America and I'm Canada). And she hates when I call it "The Walmart".


  1. TOOO FUNNY!!! ahh a post all about me and walmart. Thanks that helps people understand my walmart quote for Lola! :) Oh for those of you who care - I do NOT say at THE walmart I can't stand that and for some reason when LA says going to America it just kills me. I don't know what it is but I tell her to say she is going to the states or the US or SOMETHING other than America - just makes me think of Christopher Columbus or something!! :) Love you LA!! (Someday I just MAY see you though!!)

  2. That is stinkin' hilarious. Most of the people who shop at our neighborhood Walmart go in PJs.

  3. ahhh, the wal marts. just like my mom. ;)

    my mom also says "oh, are you getting 'on the line'" IE-the internet!


    who agrees with me that LA is so sexified lately!?

  4. i'd love to see it..and laugh good...especially on this terribly cold rainy day..


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