my name is leigh-ann and i've got a problem

i ate a packet of ketchup on my drive to work today.
and this wasn't the first time.


  1. KETCHUP?!!! how does that work? i don't think i am going to try that. but you know what? i will be your sponsor. lol. i'll help you with your addiction. hahha. nice sis.

  2. KAA - Ketchup Addicts Annonymous

    I've personally partaken in those small packets of milk that are on the table in restaurants. I was pregnant, very thirsty (all the time) and very hungry (all the time). I have also served these same milk packets as well as small peanut butter packets to my daughter in emergency restaurant situations. * I do also order complete meals so I feel a little more justified - just in case you were wondering *

    As a note of support I would suggest that you avoid withdrawal by first, moving from ketchup to one of these two lower-sugar content options. Then you can slowly start to wean yourself off the hard stuff. : )

    And whatever you do, for the love of all that is good, do NOT let youself sink into the temptation of relish packs!

  3. that's ok. I ate pickle brine with a spoon last night...

  4. who says anything about withdrawl or stopping!? lol... i eat condiments more than the next guy, but it's like penny candy. in small doses... what harm can it do?


    i just tear off the little corner and squeeze the good red stuff in. mmmm. i don't do it when other cars are around. obviously that would just be weird.

    creamers?? lol!!!! oh crush! you're too funny! we were seperated at birth i'm sure!

    here's a little story.
    the little boy i nannyed for 4 years once asked me if he could have a candy when we went to buy dog food at his vet. i said, i don't think they have a candy machine... he assured me they had candy there. when we got there, he went to the coffee maker and picked up a few SUGAR CUBES and said, "see Yan?...candy" and proceeded to consume.
    he also liked to eat jam packets and butter. kids! one day he'll grow up and hit the hard stuff, heinz packets and bbq sauce from the bottle.

  5. Ever been to a Whataburger??? They have the BEST ketchup!!!

  6. is that a real place? we don't have it here... :(
    send me some ketchup ;)

  7. haha seriously?? i WILL! email me your addy...

  8. So Leigh-Ann, your blog has now turned into a CONFESSIONAL!! It's a good thing you mentioned BBQ sauce because I was going to tell them, but you forgot to mention gravy like on Sunday night!!!:)

    Love Momma

  9. a packet of ketchup? really LA?


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