medium double double was the lingo

i had my firstever cup of coffee this weekend.
i loved it.
i felt so with it holding that little paper cup.
(just like when i carry a bottle of water... i feel healthy.)
jill once said when she owns a shop, she can't wait to walk in everyday with a coffee in hand. i get that now. there is something to it.
love ya jill. miss you.
tomorrows a very special day! :)
hehe :]


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  2. My Lord, now Leigh-Ann will never sleep. It's probably NOT A GOOD IDEA for you to drink coffee past maybe 6 or 7, you may not sleep the rest of the night. Which will cause you to SLEEP IN!!!
    Love Momma

  3. Oh by the way, Keith do you take responsiblity for this??? Just joking!!!
    Love momma

  4. I have tried like crazy to like coffee because it would make my mornings much more bearable; however, I cannot handle the taste at all. I've tried everything. Even the baristas at Starbucks and Caribou have tried to help and still...nothing. I guess I'll stick to my regular can of Coke.

    ;) Enjoy!

  5. Yeah, you might want to think about removing the pic of the van with the 'free candy' spray painted on it unless you actually want to endorse pedophilia - not cool

  6. Hey LA....

    OMG the last couple of weeks were bad. So this is my warning.... You will be getting around 16 comments today... lol

  7. Ohhhh ... sweet delicious love of my life (I'm talking about the coffee...although you are wonderful too LA).

    I love coffee in ways that probably aren't reasonable, healthy or sane. As soon as I read the word coffee my heart starts pitter-pattering and the muscles in my arm actually start contracting with the thrilling thought of holding a 'to go' cup.

    And I actually did manage to cut back SUBSTANTIALLY during all of my pregnancies (I'm talking like a very small cup only once or twice a week!) but as soon as I was out of the delivery room is was "get my brew on baby!".

    I'm going to make a cup of coffee immediately and if you want to hear more about my java adoration you can go visit my recent post dedicated to the liquid gold (I've been doing this alphabet post challenge and this was SO my C):

    A beautiful new world has just opened up in front of you LA. And goooooo Timmy's (which you're right - only makes sense to Canuckers which is really quite tragic for the rest of North America)

  8. Yep, still looking forward to that "I'm doing it my way, sunny morning, hot cup of coffee, dream come true feeling." one day...

    miss you too. tear yourself away from sweetie cakes and we'll hook up soon!

  9. Ok, I'm catching WHAT??!! FIRST EVER??? Wow, I'm so glad you have joined us! :)


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