we eat icecream out of the carton with gigantic spoons. we quote seinfeld constantly. we giggle till it hurts. we snuggle lots. we stare at old buildings. we encourage each other. we both don't like elaine's hair half the time. we text silly things. we miss each other when we're apart. we love wings. we don't do dishes. we fit perfectly. we hug long. we love george the most. we can't get enough. we watch tonnes of movies. we love colour. we tell each other i love you constantly. we do.


    love the photos.

  2. lol... Autumn says we're so sweet it makes her wanna puke (in the corner).
    lol. get used to it... super sugary sweet is the norm now, lol.
    for a new dose of sweet: we just had a picnic at lunch in the car :)

  3. I haven't commented in a long time....just wanted to tell you how happy I am for you.

  4. VOMIT!! :)

    LOL, just kidding...I think you two are sweet...sickly sweet, but sweet nonetheless! :)

  5. hi.. is this tyson it sure doesn't look like him

  6. *awkward*
    no. he's my boyfriend, Keith.
    tyson and i are not together anymore.
    who is this?

  7. LA!! i am *so* happy you have found someone to make others want to puke in the know...due to an overload of adorable cuteness :) you deserve a good man!

    lisa marie

  8. awwwwwwwwwww..
    you two are so *sweet*

  9. lol...yay for the sweet!!! Owen and I are all about me it's the way to go...

  10. I love this post.... A new Favorite!

    Very interesting comment from anonymous.


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