"she's not just all buttons"

Lola's been in my dreams a lot lately. Last time she was talking and doing B&E's with me...
this weekend...she was a deer. Which is quite appropriate since she prances/trots so pretty like one. I love my Lola :)
My weekend was SO good :) The date was duddy...but the rest and more was super duper :) I am lovin my life!! (Took this picture from my favorite blog. It's probably my most favorite picture ever. :)
they were wonderful :)
This picture gives me font&passion goosebumps. I found it in google images; wish i could credit the artist.
I've always had a thing for toile. It's more my old style...but it still gives me odd butterflies.
These girls are totally my family! I love you guys so much!!! *
Ready? You're gonna melt...
Kody. I love you so much.
I haven't forgotten about I See Beauty. Just been very busy.
It's coming still :)
Frida. mmmmm. it was SO good. an uncomprimising woman. totally wow!
i cryed it was so beautiful!

Two things resound in my head...

"I am here to live out loud!" -Emile Zola



and i SO am! I'm in one of the happiest seasons of my life! EVERY day is INCREDIBLE! (Tyson, if you read this, please don't think it's because you're not in it. It's just because I've changed. And I'm discovering me...)

I think I'll share some of my art journal soon :)

Happy March Monday!!! :) Now go do something you're afraid of! You CAN do it!!!


  1. Its good to hear that things are going good and that you are making it over the hurdles and finding the real you! I love all of the images you posted, uplifting, inspriring, just wonderful:)

  2. So glad you had a great weekend and are discovering yourself. That's awesome and commendable!

  3. ha ha ha... NO LA your not just buttons you are SOOOOO much more!

    Love this post!

  4. my fave song ever: Here comes the sun - beatles!! My father used to listen this since I was a baby....I just love to listen this here! kisses!

  5. a brazillian? are you nuts????
    so sweet, your comment to Tyson. It is so true isn't it? It is not about the ex at all, it is about us finding out who we are as we are. Notice that I am losing that already even though i am married to the sweetest man ever. It is hard to hang onto yourself.
    Loved this post LA. It might be my favorite ever!!!!

  6. oh and run lola run is amazing. just don't watch it with a headache.

  7. this post is so lovely. :)
    it´s great to see you smiling and happy again!
    love you lagatorrrr <3



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