shaping up to be a good weekend...

tomorrow day: sleep in, design for Layer Cake Blog tomorrow night: first time babysitting Olivia and Kennedy (too excited!) then watching ANTM and coexhisting with Amanda when she gets home from work. Sunday: complete designs for Layer Cake Blog i ordered the kit supplies last night... and it rocks. just so you know. i added the "In Progress" section back to the right column... so if you've ordered something, you can see where you're at. I work top to bottom. now, I'm partial-hijacking Melissa's post. Watch these 2 videos.
(Pause the music at the bottom) Jacob, you are the best.
Watch till 2:37. I laughed so hard, i rained.
and this... Coolest-made video ever. Convulsions women. Hoot! Happy Friday Everyone!!!
Yippee! Super Duper! For sure. Definately. Oh ya. Right on. Mombasa.


  1. YAHOO!!!!!!! We both have a date tonight...I hope you have a smashing time!! :) *MWAH*

  2. that upper video was just cool. laughs. laughs. :)
    i love it when you´ve added the in progress back to the sidebar! i can see when i can start to expect my rollup. lol. ;)

    have a great weekend sweet lagatorrrr!!

  3. Kevin, huh? Can't wait to get the dish on this one! :) Jess

  4. I can't wait to get the KIT in the mail....

    I am so excited!

  5. you have such a fun sounding weekend planned!

    freckles..have you been to chi chi yet on Osborne??? went last weekend..some super funky...yet super pricey vintage goods..yummy!


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