i'm a list person.

I have a ridiculous memory...
so i keep running list as a draft in my email.
This is my current list.
next playlist: psycho - puddle of mudd
push it - salt n' peppa
postal service coconut records
more tegan and sara (lol, yes Blair)
creep - tlc
jump on it - sir mix-a-lot
fiona apple
penny lane - the beatles
come together - aerosmith
sleepyhead - the reason
beat it - michael jackson/fergie
carly simon
more shorty. lol
* upcoming blog topics: art journal inka's shop/wares jessicas swap share layer cake designs album clearance sale i see beauty kickoff
signifigant woman (from chicks challenge) * this week:
today: fix fonts on layer cake buttons thursday after work: hang with hossmonster, Lisa saturday: photoshoot with Miranda
make 'i see beauty' blog
new fn banner
visit Gran
hang with Blair and fix his blog
mail cards to the Chicks
* to do: stitching: tote/rollup/bag/tote
clean house clean studio
taxes buy new jeans
buy new chucks and some version of a girl shoe call bank about mortgage brazillian find 'neighbours' fab.paper for kits make kit instuction book
wash car
buy bigger tv
book tattoo appointment
movies to see:
(this list will take me forever)
science of sleep
2046 (waiting at home)
the notorious bettie page
across the universe
darjeeling limited
tourgasim, dane cook
2 days in paris
run lola run
new products to build:
laptop case
purse notebook
more notebooks
"u turn"
if you like lists too...join my flickr group, "List Person"
new post below.


  1. brazilian brazilian? are you serious?!?! yikes! what are you having tatooed?

  2. i just saw "across the universe". it's incredibly inspiring!! move it to the top of your movie list. and uh o yeah... brazilian? really. i like lists too. but i don't have a flickr. i'll try to be brave and attempt the new project i've got in my head. thanks for the encouragement:)

  3. geez...tegan and sara..really now?

  4. I LOVE creep...LOL! Sounds like a girl just trying to have fun right?? :)

    Um, brazillian...I have thought I might do that one day...so far it just seems too painful! LOL...

    I love new jeans...and I am such a shoe person...they are definitely my thing! I love heels...probably b/c I'm short...and they make your legs look good!! :) He loves heels too...LOL! :)

  5. i hope you´ll get all your lists crossed one day. ;)
    there´s a lot to do dear.

  6. List are my favorite.... I like this idea. If it did not drive me crazy that I had drafts i would do this....LOL

    Hey when do you want the measurements to my laptop... I will ask Tony do it?

  7. You will *love* Run Lola Run. Honestly. It's awesome. Watch it German with the subtitles. None of that dubbing junk.

  8. run lola run
    one of my ds's fav movies..we even watched when we had our german exchange student here..just cause he would "get it"..lol!
    good movie :-)

  9. oh and I totally saw the brazillian on the list the first time but didn't comment - but it make me chuckle to see it on your list.

  10. i'm a list junkie..so i joined the flickr & will contribute some listy goodness soon...

    thx for inspiring in even small ways! =)


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