shall we discuss? (TMI)

"I don't understand how a woman can take boiling hot wax, pour it on upper thighs, rip the hair out by the roots, and still be afraid of a spider."
- Jerry Seinfeld
lol... I guess I stirred something in you guys with the brazillian on my to do list. lol... I got so many emails, 2 phone calls, and then the comments.
Too funny!
Do you guys not know anyone that does this?!
So i'll divuldge.
I like them for me.
I'm a regular.
Yes. They take the hair everywhere. Yes.
Yes. It hurts like a mother.
Yes. It's awesome.
I've had my jaw purposely broken, repositioned, wired shut and now have wires holding my face together. I set off metal detectors. (lol) My face was bruised swollen 3 times as big (i looked like a Dick Tracy Mobster...or Jay Leno). I had to eat thru a straw for 6 weeks (sucking it thru my teeth which were wired shut). Kids ran away from me, I was repulsive. Lol.
So having hair ripped outta biggie.
Ask me any questions you have and i'll answer them in the comments. You can do it anonymous if your're shy. Obviously, I'm not ;)
I think EVERY woman should get a Brazillian at least once in your life.


  1. You have me thinking...I'm researching availability as we speak! I'll let you know!

  2. much to you typically pay?

  3. This post should have been titled "T.M.I." Wow...guess I missed the Brazilian statement on your to do list!?

  4. You kill me! I was laughing so hard at this post I almost cried.

  5. okay, so no convincing here...not sex life is fabulous without the added pain, thank you but props to you for sharing something most people won't talk about.

  6. autumn: if you go to a beauty school, its cheaper...but they might be bad at it. GOOD PRESSURE is key!
    i go to a salon now, and it's $35. But some places charge $50+.
    I've heard of someone getting a good one for $10...but I don't think that's common.
    Jess: lol.

  7. yeah...I'm thinking a bad one is not what you want!! :)

  8. I just got the joke. Oh my! :O


  9. every 1.5 - 2 months.
    once you get regular with last longer.

    btw, Evan, i love your name. It suits you so nicely :)

  10. I can't help it, LA. I'm with Coralee on this one!

  11. My friends in high school called ourselves the "smooth operators". That's all I'm going to say :)

    I think it's something that's more popular with our younger generation. It makes you feel sexy. I've never had a brazillian wax though... I mow it myself haha.

  12. hee hee, thanks! it means "God's gift". kuddos go to my mom for taking a risk to name me a boys name!

  13. AHHHHHHHHH! I'm dying over here!! you make me laugh so hard and Alice's comment - too damn funny! So we've had this chat before and once my lousy 6 weeks is up I'm so there - surprise for my deprived hubby! :) Talk about TMI - who cares though- I won't see you all at The Walmart! oh and the pic - I just had to share with bryon it was too stinkin funny.

  14. crap - how sad is it that I spelled his name wrong - ooops

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  16. so is it awkward? I want to try it...but dont know how uncomfortable it'll be...

  17. do you mean awkward cause some woman named "Svetlana" is face to vagigi with you?

  18. I mean what could possibly be awkward about that??!! LOL :)

  19. lol. good question.
    for me... the first time i was really nervous (more about the face to vag than the pain).
    but then after that, i was like "you know what? they CHOOSE this as their profession and the do it ALL the time. and they don't care what your pooch looks like. They're just doing what they do." Just have a shower before so you're not concerned about "whatever"... and TAKE 2 TYLONAL an hour before... It'll numb you A BIT.
    Also... DON'T do it RIGHT before or after your period. Your body is WAY more sensitive.
    If you go to a person thats good at it, it won't hurt AS much. especially if they apply good pressure after then rip.

    Also, you should know your hair has to be not too long, but not too short. About a centimeter. Autumns place told her if you're shaved, let it grow 14 days. I think 20 would be better. but whatever.

    Member that scene in 40 Year Old Virgin.... LOL! It's NOT like that! And can i just say... "Man-O-Lanturn" is one of the FUNNIEST things i've ever seen/heard! I laughed so hard i cried!


    Do you wanna picture what happens so you're less nervous?
    You go in a private room. They give you some kinda tube robe to wear (you change by yourself, they don't just sit there waiting or watching), you're NOT laying there naked, just pants and panties off. (lol, my friend asked if you can leave your panties on. lol...NO!? Thats hiding what they're doing. lol. its pretty "invasive")
    you lay on a bed (like at the doctor), butterfly your legs (or someplaces get you to put one foot on the wall). the start at the top/front, and work their way to the back. yes, they do your bum. for that part, theres 2 ways... they get you on your knees (like doggystyle) or you lay on your stomach. i prefer stomach. lol.

    and zip, boom, bang, you're bald and sticky. lol. they'll give you an oil to sooth and get the wax residue off before you get dressed. you get dressed, go home. and try it out with your man ;)

    lol. THAT is too much information ;)

  20. o man. lol i dont know what to say to that! you crack me up!

    Thanks for answering questions for all of us!

  21. your welcome. you gonna do it Jerri

  22. you´re so funny LA. :)
    thanks for letting us all know what to do before the brazilian. lol.

  23. LOL!!!!!! it´s so crazy that this "procedure", LOL, has this name!! here in Brazil we have 3 types of wax:
    1 - bikini wax, you can keep your panties on, and the girl just removes the hair you can see while using a bikini.....
    2 - Hitler´s moustache - the girl will take all hair that you can see, but just inf the front part, and you will have just a line of hair, like a moustache, LOL!!!!
    3 - complete = brazilian wax....

    and with this second option, you can get different designs instead of a moustache, like a heart,the first letter of your man´s name, anything you want, hehehehe

  24. ANGELA!!! It never even occured to me!!! LOL... thanks for the 1st hand input!!! A real live Brazillianite :)

    and lol....number 2 is SO FUNNNY!

    now if we may ask, which do YOU do?
    and in Brazil, do they call it "a brazillian"?

    How much do they cost there(in US $)?

  25. ...LMAO!!!!

    i think dr. evil's cat, mr. bigglesworth, is feeling like running away from seeing how smooth he feels after a clean shave!!!

    LA, you might have to rate your comments to this post "adults only"..hahahaa!!

    too dang funny girl, too dang funny!

  26. LOL!!! about me, when I go to the beach, or during the summer months, I prefer the second one, LOL.....but I have a Philips Satinelle machine, that I can use at home, and do all the service, haha, and I use this to get my hair out of here most part of the time.....I prefer this because I can do anytime I need...

    here we call it just bikini wax, or complete

    and the price for the complete one is about us$ 15.00...

    for the bikini one is us$ 7.00..

  27. i really think i am! me and my friend back home want to go together for "support" so i'll have to tell her to read your blog! lol

  28. Oh my god. You are too funny! I have smiled at your ability to be so honest on your site before (like posing in your undies... good for you!) and now this! I've had my entire legs waxed and bikini too in Chile when I lived there and it was dirt cheap. In the US I have yet to find a place that will do it for a reasonable price. Hmmm.... maybe I should just investigate the Brazilian.

    Do you get ingrown hairs, like, everywhere??!

  29. thanks ;)
    DO IT JENN!!

    to answer your question... ya, sometimes. but get an exfoliating glove and just do that quick before your showers. it will help prevent. some people are just more prone to ingrowns too though.

  30. ang: wow! that's super cheap! lucky youguys!
    Jerrie: good idea! then you can laugh about it after.
    kim: true. i put TMI in the title and told my guy friends not to read it. lol. whateves. its life.
    i think mom's ignoring she probably thinks "Oh no! My friends are gonna read this!" she absorbs embarrasment ;)

    I'm going for one tomorrow. can't wait to be brazil fresh again. lol (thats an inka quote. she's always SaunaFresh)

  31. First:

    I did not even read the post and I new what it was about because of the GREAT picture! LOVE IT LA!


    Love all the great comments... they are so funny.

  32. Ok, this isn't even my blog, and yet I took offense to the anonymous comment. I have two comments of my own to make about it.

    1. if you have something to say but feel you need to remain anonymous then it's probably not very nice and you should keep it to yourself.

    2. I don't think there is anything wrong with having a brazilian, or discussing it on one's blog! This is LAs space and clearly you made the decision to come here and read it, so if it bothers you then don't.

    LA - you know I love you to pieces and I think your blog is awesome...and I'm not afraid to tell you that! Oh, and that you are my favorite Canadian EVER!! KC is my second...LOL :) Hope you're having a great weekend...and that your appt goes well today! :)

  33. I have an appt to get one done next week. I was a regular until I got pregnant and then I just stopped going.

    I didn't read all of the comments, but as a person who is a bleeder, I always warn people that there's a chance you'll bleed a bit. Nothing major, but don't wear nice underthings when you go.

    Also, sitting with an icepack for a few minutes after you get it done helps with the soreness.

    And lastly- I never had to lie on my stomach for them to get all the way around. Or maybe I've just blocked that out.

    sunflowerfairy at hotmail dot com

  34. thanks for defending me Autumn.
    i know who i am and i am good with who i am.
    to the Coward:
    ya, i HAVE gone thru some hardships that have really screwed me up. you are obviously somebody who knows me to have said that... but not well enough. Takes a lot of guts to leave a rude anonymous comment. chump.
    your comment was deleted, and if you have a problem? to ME or get lost. nobodies making you be here.

    Classy Leigh-Ann ;)

  35. i can barely handle getting my eyebrows waxed lol..

    btw...i hate trolls...those people who know you or dont know you...who are jealous or haters...who never comment or say anything nice but constantly lurk...then when they do say something they are total cowards & post as "anonymous" & say all kinds of nasty things...who are just bad people...who ask strangers their life details just because they keep a blog or are a crafty "celebrity"...etc etc.

    just my thing...i hate it...happened to be a few months back. wasnt everyone taught "if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything @ all"? i mean come on...dont come to my blog to bash me right? i didnt invite you personally to read it or say awful things about me. sorry...its a big pet peeve of mine.

    yay for you for being sooo awesome. so far i think you are totally da bomb! =)



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