i love Etsy

i love being a seller on etsy. and i love being a shopper.
it's the coolest place.
i just bought these pins for $3.
i'm gonna give the bunny to Olivia and Kennedy :)
The woodgrain one is my fave :)
i might do woodgrain wallpaper in my house ;) (kramer reference)
Happy Thursday!!!


  1. haven't shopped etsy yet, but have some things bookmarked that i'd love to buy. These buttons are adorable! How long have you had an etsy shop?

  2. lol. go and see my blog. ;)
    i didn´t know you love etsy as well! hihi.

    those pins are cool. i love the bunny one.

  3. speaking of buttons, I recieved my package in the mail today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think im gonna plan something special with them and I will post it over on Colored Sprinkles!!!

    Thank ya thank ya thank YOU!

  4. CL: I've had my shop since September 2006 :) It's been a blast!! :)
    Patty: I'm glad you got it :) Jsyk...theres 2 envelopes missing. Lol, after i had it all wrapped up, i found 2 sitting on the table... sorry. Hope you love your Button Button experience ;)
    Ink: You KNOW i love etsy silly! hihihi. i thought of something. You know the thing i always tell you to get? I think you should give it instead. haha.

  5. lets hang out!!!


  6. berry berry berry berry cute :-)

  7. LOL... I think it's funny that you and Inka did an etsy post at the same time!

  8. i agree ;) its because we're long lost sisters...



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