A whole lotta who knows

Winnipegers... take a look at THIS cool free event! :) Winnipeg DIY Fest! I'm SO going!! And I'm thinking of hosting a workshop :)
Btw... I wish we were all Winnipegers...so we could go for coffee and hang out :)
The DIY (Do it Yourself) movement is the reconnection of the consumer to the product . When one can learn new skills that perhaps they had once paid a 'professional' to do, they stomp out ignorance of the time and effort such a task demands. As a result, they gain new respect for the producer, the goods, and themselves.
Other awesome reasons to go DIY:
1.Education inherently promotes confidence.
2.The concept of DIY skill sharing promotes community and the sharing of culture.
3.DIY stomps out sweat shop labour, mass consumerism and it says FU to the multi national corporation.
* Also... I totally gotta get to the Post Secret Exhibit at the WAG before it leaves town! It's a must in my opinion. I'll ask my friend Keith if he wants to go :)
And I'm gonna send in two of my secrets. A funny one and serious one.
I always think I'm an open book... but many options are running thru my mind. hmmm!
I relate to these ones...
Autumn, I dedicate this last one to us babe!...
Here's the post secret blog if you've never been. If you've never been, sorry to say, but you're probably living under a internet-rock... b/c it's the best thing ever. I have one of the books too...and it's totally worth buying. Incredible, inspiring, sad, funny, beautiful.
I really like this song.
Teaque. I love you. I know you're probably ultra bored and frustrated right now....but she will come soon, and then you'll not be bored. Can't wait to see her! Love you hun!
I am jealous of hrrrthrrr's cool blog (and shoe collection). Lol. She is very yummy. And I want to learn typography too.
I wanna go to school to be a Graphic Designer. But if i do, I have to sell my house, and I can't have Lola. I'm so torn. Crap.
Amanda's off maternity leave and got a pt job as a waitress. Her and I have always thought that would be the best job ever. I am excited for her!!
What else can I ramble about?
I like someone. That's all I'm saying.
My friend Lacy has lost 24 freakin pounds!!!
Lacy, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did you know that if you put your email linked in the "About Me" profile thing on your blog...when you leave comments, the person can reply to your comment to your email? Yep. Cool Beans.
Tell me some rambles and randoms...whateves :]
I'm adding music back to my blog... a playlist of current faves. It's gonna ensue a worldwide dance party. I dance all the time right now.


  1. Thank you leigh anns!

    I love you girlfriend!


  2. hey L.A!
    i went to post secret in Jan...it is sooooooo good!
    you can take your secrets with you--they have a box there for them and they will send them into post secret for you!

  3. Nope not bored anymore... basement flooded with a bunch of storms we had last night so NEW project.... ugg! well mostly for Byron but it's helping me to realize that it would not be too great if she was here at the moment but as soon as that basement is cleaned up then we're going to the hospital! HA!

  4. LA, totally right, that def is us! So excited about what the future might hold for both of us!! YIPPEE!!!!!!

    Oh, and I LOVE that song...

    Pretty random here too...I used soy creamer in my coffee this morning, going to try giving up dairy and see how that goes!


  5. ouuuuuuuuuuu you like a boy!!! hehehe.

    You lucky dog to have a cool event like that by you!!! Here in CT we never have anything cool like that, so have fun for me:)

  6. have you seen the post secret books. there are 4 and greedy girl that i am...i am collecting all 4. Kinda gotta be careful though, if you read them all in one sitting you get depressed and wierded out a bit....so lucky you are to be able to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. **This guy on "Moment of truth" is really bad and he keeps telling the truth. YIKES

    **I like your Boy...TOO

    **I love Terra Naomi... she is great! and did you know Jenny is true and for a girl that wrote her.

    **I am so happy for Lacy and YOU for the weight that you guys have lost!

    **I could not live without these fun post you do... Seriously.. I crave Leigh-Ann!


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