she's my new roomate. long distance roomate.

Kristen and I have been having SO much fun on video chat! I was getting ready for aquasize last night... and we were making each other laugh so much.
She took pictures. (The video's really clear... just the screenshots are blurry.) Here's my video dance...
Then we were laughing cause someone was knocking at my door...and I answered my door in a hoodie. No pants. lol... I don't even know what I was thinking.
I walk around without pants whenever I'm home alone... cause I'm forcing myself to get used to my least fave body part (my legs). And it's actually working! I was wearing a swimsuit. And it was Amanda at the door, but lol, it coulda been anybody. Duh--- "No! Really! It's my swim bottoms! Come baaack."
Sidebar: My uncle used to do that to the JW's... his were leopard print...and not swimwear. It was quite effective. lol.
Now. On to Aquasize report. Jsyk, Aquasize is water arobics. And it will kick your butt! But it's fun. Me and Amanda went last night.
FYI's for Aquasize:
1. There's fun music. 2. Some ladies are really really into it... and at one point, leopardlady looked like she was humping. I gave Amanda a look.
3. Wear a tight bathing suit. I almost lost my girls a few times. and I had a water wedgie. lol. I need a new swimsuit... this ones looosey on me. Hallar! Go -26 pound me! (I lost 3 more pounds)
4. Go with a friend. You won't feel so weird when you giggle at the waterhumping ladies.
5. Bring water. You will still get thirsty even though you're in a pool of water.
6. Prepare for killer muscles the next morning. One session and you (mentally) feel ripped! It was an awesome workout!
Have a great day everyone!
New Post below too...
with a funny video :)


  1. That's awesome LA...I really need to find some time to workout...but with work/school/Alexa it's not looking good for me. You are inspiring!! :)

  2. lol Autumn... this is the FIRST time I've worked out since High School. Not joking. Glad you're inspired, but lol, don't let me be your role model ;)
    Just dance...when you're cleaning, playing, dishes, etc...DANCE :) It's fun, and it's a good simple way to work out :) or have sex. Whichever. lol.

  3. You are hilarious. I was going to make my husband get me a webcam on the weekend but I'm a little too chicken. Back when I was a lot more fit, I use to teach aquasize. It is such a good workout. Glad it was your sister at the door.

    Have a great day.


    PS- How's the banner coming?

  4. hey LA!!!

    good 4 U on the aquasize thing...

    i just wanted to send you a SUPER HUGE E-HUG about Penny! I hope you will be able to still see her once in a while...our pets become our 'kids' and i'm sure this was very hard for you to do....chin up lass....

  5. oh my goodness you answered the door with no pants! hahaha i would have died! even IF it was someone i knew! lol so glad to hear it's working with the self esteem...maybe i should do the same...hehe

  6. I love that you are;
    so bold
    so fun
    so brave
    so coo (so cool no L needed)
    my new roommate
    and soooooo Much more!

  7. that first one makes me rolfmbo!! wow... that was long AND the dollar bill one. all juiced up! thanx dear :]


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