looking down.

looking down. from hrrrthrrr on Vimeo
Heather contacted me a few months ago...and asked permission to use a few of my photos for a video project she was working on. And today I saw it on her blog. I love it. Saw some of my friends in there too! I recognize shoes like faces ;)
* Join my Flickr Group, "Looking Down at my Feet/Shoes"...we have 198 members so far, and it's a totally fun Eye Candy kinda group...but Shoe Candy... Waaaaahn-waaahn ;)


  1. yay! you found it before I could send you an email about it! You were the first one I wanted to tell :)

  2. Hey Leigh-Ann! I haven't been around in a while so I'm catching up. I joined that flickr group a couple of weeks ago. I love to take pics of my feet and my kids feet!

    I used to take pics of my feet whenever we'd travel. My friends would joke that I could put together an entire album... feet at the Eifel Tower, Feet at the Coliseum, Feet at the beach! Good stuff!

  3. ooh, that video is cute!
    and i saw your feet. :)

  4. Oh LA!

    I miss you!

    I will be back soon. I promise!

    This video was so cool....
    Great Job to Heather!


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