Miss February....TANIA :)

Tell us about you :) i am a mom. i am a wife to a much younger man. i am almost 40. i am creative. i am a reader and a scrapbooker and a photographer and a gardener and a party thrower. i am a good friend. i am shy and becoming shyer as i get older. i am a middle of the day person. i am a tea and martini drinker. i am tired. i am a thinker. i am happy. *
Share your connection with FreckledNest/Leigh-Ann
i met Leigh-Ann last summer through her blog. She filled a spot in my heart that was empty because i was needing a sister. I bought one of her photobooth albums and have been having great fun filling it. My daughter Hannah has one now too. If I could have anything from FN it would be a custom album. I just purchased her March FN kit and am very excited about that. * Where do you live? I live in Victoria British Columbia, which is on the West Coast of Canada, by the ocean and the mountains and the forests. I am blessed by nature. * Please share with us your blog & what it is about? Flickr? Etsy? I have a blog thanks to constant prodding from LA last summer. I am not computer literate much so this was a huge undertaking for me. I don't know my true feelings about my blog, I guess I wish there was a way to know what my visitors are really thinking!! I also have a flickr account. I love the blogging community. The connections I have made are amazing and I always feel enriched after connecting with what has been written. I adore Flickr and have gleaned so much inspiration. I am becoming a much better photograper thanks to Flickr. * Tell us something funny/goofy/silly thing about yourself. I would have to say that I am a very serious person, except that those that are closest to me laugh at me all the time. I don't really understand it. I say things without reilizing what they may sound like outloud and this leads to some funny moments in my family. * Do you have any pets?
Yes, we have two cats. Snowball is old and Mouse is young. They are both boys and they are both wonderful, except when Snowball tries to get away from Mouse and sleeps on my black clothes. This is not cool!
What blogs and mags do you read and what shops do you shop at?
Ok, i just spent 20 minutes linking and they all just poof disappeared. This is not a happy thing for me. So, without links, but you can find them on my sidebar here they are, in no particular order. (LA just added them) All the FN design team girls daily (Teaque, Inka, Kristen, LA, Jessica) The lovely Lisa Leonard Stefani at Blue Yonder. I aspire to capture my day the way she does. The amazing couple at The Image is Found Ali for her inspiration Bekka for being so darn cute Lacy for being so darn honest and cute too Elsie and Rachel for inspiring me to create work that is meaningful to me! Tara for taking amazing family photographs and I could keep going but that is enough for now i think...
Share something that lights your heart up :) Can't share just one so here is my list: My kids light my heart up and not to be accused of playing favorites, Hannah in particular lights my heart up My husband lights my heart up daily! Fresh flowers growing in a garden.
Newborn anything.
Toes. yummy drinks, an amazing book, a stunning photograph, a good journal...a true friend, children, the beach....sunshine....these things light my heart up...oh yes, Mail, real live, in the mailbox mail lights my heart up. *
Show&share your favorite photo you've ever taken ...um, i don't have a favorite. Well, i do have favorites but not just one. Most of the photos that i post on Flickr i am proud of...not all of them...but most. * What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Um, black cherry I think, but i am very impulsive and change favorites all the time... *
What's your worst fashion disaster (PICTURES welcome, lol)?
can we just say, the entire 80's and 90's. Owen often looks at photos from that time and just shakes his head and looks confused and worried!
Favorite Movies and/or Books:
no,no, no. I can't answer this. I have a new favorite book every week. Yesterday I read 2 books in one day. This is an unanswerable question. My favorite movie of the moment is Juno but that is because we just saw it and we see very few movies so the ones we do see stick in my head and Juno stuck in my heart as well. I was adopted and my birth mom was 16 when she had me...so Juno had a very personal message for me. * If you had one hundred dollars fun money, what would you want to do? oh....i would take Owen out for eats and then head to the book store.... * What are your inspirations? Nature, children, colours, photographs, journals, and creative women I find.
What do you collect? well, some would say teenagers...my house always seems to be full of teenage boys. I collect books. Love my books. * What is your dream? (You can also share a dream that has come true) ooohhh, that's a broad question LA. My dream list includes: surviving motherhood, becoming a wonderful photographer, starting a girls art group, traveling to Greece, publishing a journal, going on a road trip across Canada, becoming a grandma, and helping Owen build our dream house. That's what is on the current list.


  1. tania! i love your answers.
    you always inspire me. :)

  2. Awww, Tania. I'm so honored that you read my blog. I heart you girlies.

  3. Hello Tania!!! Loved your little bio and question thing.

    And go you for being married to a much younger man:)

  4. Neat bio. I love reading about the Chicks.
    Also, Inka... awesome dress!

  5. Tania -- I'm totally beaming because you mentioned me! You're a sweetheart! I loved reading your interview and getting to know you a little better! :)

    LA -- thanks so much for featuring her!

  6. Aw thanks everyone for being so complimentary. I just noticed that I apparantly do not read magazines or shop. I actually don't shop, other than for groceries and books...but i do read magazines...domino, oprah, and different scrap/photo mags, and sometimes National Geographic. There are days where I have a full on "i need a magazine" craving and go all wierd and intense about it. I loved it when we were getting married because it was this great excuse to buy wedding magazines!!! I told ya, books, which equals paper is my weakness!!!

  7. Great Answers Tania!

    You inspire me every day!


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