I haven't seen it yet...but Mom says it comes out on Feb.26...and I can predict this movie will take a top 5 or 10 position in my favorite movies.
1) It has my favorite male actor (Jason Schwartzman)
2) The colouring is incredible.
3) I do judge a book by its cover, and this movie has a GREAT cover ;)
I can just tell. It's gonna be super duper :)
* My dream job would be to design movie covers and the opening credits. For real.
(My favorite opening credits are Juno, Superbad and Amelie)
I watched this one last weekend. I totally picked it based on 4 things. That 1) it had the sundance brackets (Alice pointed those out to me one time, and I've totally realized thats my style of movie.) 2)What a wonderful title, the Squid and the Whale. 3) I loved the cover design. 4) Great Font. Lol, boy i sound shallow.
It was not what I expected...and was actually quite stressful. But while I watched it, I read a bloggers review, and it made a lot more sense. It's meant to document the unexpected-disfunctional family and not cushion the viewers stress towards their lives. The characters are hardly likeable, but yet oddly understandable. It's disturbing, and sad. But also incredible. Made me very glad I don't have kids thru this divorce.
"Hey Brotha"
I also rented Secretary and Winter Passing. Both super in their own way.
And me and Keith watched each of our favorite movies together. His=Goodfellas, Mine=Amelie :)
I'm going to rent 3 more movies tonight. (I rent 3 movies every 2nd Friday... and watch them thru the weeks.) I'm thinking Frida, 2046 and Royal Tenenbaums.
Any other suggestions?


  1. These movies all sound really good. I am planning on watching Knocked-Up this weekend and when it eventually comes out here in the UK 27 Dresses.

    Happy weekend wishes being sent your way.

  2. Leigh Ann, have you tried Netflix? It sounds like you rent alot, so it might be worth your while. We're doing the 2-at-a-time plan & loving might want the 3 or 4-at-a-time plan. I can send you a free trial thing, if you'd like.

  3. If you havent already, rent 2 Days in Paris with Adam Goldberg and Julie Delpy....I had never heard of it, but loved it...and Adam Goldberg, for some odd reason, is truly sexy, to me! (I think he epitomizes "my type"...dorky, smart, yet oddly attractive).
    Have fun!

  4. Shoot...Netflix is only US & some territories! I was just about to send you the free trial. It's $13.99/mo for 2-at-a-time, unlimited movies, plus movies on demand online. Maybe there's a Canadian company doing something similar...I'll have to check it out. Sorry! :(

  5. have you seen Across the Universe yet? Owen and I just watched it 2 nights ago...not what i expected but it moved me.

  6. i've been wanting to see darjeeling too! thanks for reminding me it will be out on video soon... my husband and i just saw "stranger than fiction". it's fabulous! another good one is "the big kahuna"...

  7. oooo! two of my favorites in there! tennenbaums & recommendations: the virgin suicides, fracture, the prestige & the illusionist. all fab! have a great weekend :)

  8. We just watched 'Little Miss Sunshine'. I loved it!

    What about Run Lola Run (Lola Rennt)? It's a German flick (with subtitles) and it's so awesome!

    Some other arty flicks - Kundun (about the Dalai Lama) and Kandahar (a woman trying to reach her sister in Afghanistan).

    There's a recent film set in Afghanistan that I want to see - 'Kite Runner'.

  9. haha too funny! I tried to rent secretary last weekend but the video store didn't have it!!

    I saw winter passing too... good, but not a fave :)

    I've been wanting to see Frida for a while, and I just finished a painting of myself as her! Also really want to see 2046, but again my video store didn't have it. Rats.

    Royal Tenenbaums. awesome. You are going to LOVE the darjeeling limited.

    And finally, Amelie, well duh. Top of the heart list for sure :)

    Awesome choices babe.

  10. oh and "water" is a really moving movie too! It's Canadian, but set in India.


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