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I'm sick as a dog right now. I'll post once I'm better. The boxing day sale is now a Boxing Week Sale. I've been doing a lot of serious thinking...and I think I can confidently share... Top 5 Favorite Movies 5. Garden State 4. Shopgirl 3. Dirty Dancing 2. Stranger than Fiction 1. Amelie


  1. No germ backs LA in a corner! :) So sorry you're feeling sick! I hope you start feeling better very soon!

  2. aaaw, i hope you´ll get better soon. watch those movies and you will get better. :)

  3. ooh...i hope you feel better asap! hugs to you. i too love garden state. never seen shopgirl or amelie. need to watch!

  4. Too bad we don't live closer we could be sick together.... I am so sick!

    My nose is a big chapped mess!

  5. everyone is getting sick now! my mom and i were taking turns sneezing yesterday!! thankfully i feel better today because i'm going up to green bay for the packers game and new years :) feel better soon!!!!

  6. LA - get better fast! Wishing you a wonderful, HAPPY New Year.


  7. I hope you had a great Christmas and I hope that you are feeling better soon. Happy New Year and I will talk to you soon.

  8. just got back from dropping the kids off in Seattle. so sorry you are ya,

  9. Sorry yr feeling sick, love. I'm just finally feeling well again.
    Those are some fine films you have listed there. I'm not sure I could list my top five of all time.
    Right now I guess I'd have to include
    2.The Harry Potter Films. ( I cannot pick one)
    3.Lolita (Newer version)
    4.Fight Club
    Not necessarily in that order, though.


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