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Here's a sneek peak of the new product I made last night :) Will share that real soon along with some new things for the shop :) Wooohoo, fun stuff :)
We were a Funky Find yesterday!! Rad! :)
I'm not the only one? Meredith said... "Also, I've been meaning to tell you that I loved the post secret you had about the cell phone conversations. LOVE! I do that too. Actually, I don't do fake conversations, but I call my mom or hubby real quick. Lol. Why am I so bad?"
I've only done it once.... Few years ago, I almost killed myself driving on the #1 highway because I hit the gravel shoulder going 110km, freaked and slammed the breaks (worst response). I 360'd three times... avoided slingshotting into the ditch, got control of the car, and pulled over. Cars were coming and I didn't want them to stop and ask me why I hit the shoulder (real answer: b/c i was looking at the clouds)...so I pulled out my expired cell phone and "had a conversation". *
* You know whats cute? When you see your Mom's trail in blogland(found at LL's blog)... and she signs it like this ;) (I love you Mom!)

Momma said...

Hi Lisa, I love your jewelery, your blog, and your stories of your family and life in general. Sweet!! I really enjoy pink, but I have to say my favourite pink is my twin granddaughters, Olivia and Kennedy's tiny pink lips and cheeks. So soft and perfect, love them. Keep up the great work, you are a gifted artist. Momma (Freckled Nest's Mom)

(It's cuter and funnier when you realize that Lisa Leonard probably doesn't know what Freckled Nest is.)


* I've cracked. I'm getting a cell phone. I absolutely detest cell phones... mostly because of how ignorant cellphone talkers and texters can be...ESPECIALLY the drivers! But it's cheaper for me to have a cellphone instead of a landline. So i'm joining the future. Me and Zack Morris.

* What are you doing for Valentines Day?

* this is all i listen to lately. city and colour (spelt the good canadian way;)


Self Portrait Contest closes tomorrow night... last chance ;)


The Freckled Nest Design Team... has a little contest planned for Valentines Day :) With of course, a hearty prize ;)

I'm hungry. I blogged instead of ate lunch. Lol.
Blog: The New Diet ;)
Bonus Q. What's your favorite song on the Jukebox
(the music playing on FN)?


  1. Answer to Bonus Q: Anyone else but you. Makes me tear up! I love that song and love that movie!

  2. Howdy! Anyone else but you from Juno is mine as well, its just so sweet and her voice is so original, theres just something about it.
    I always do the cell phone thing, especially if I am at 7-11 and see someone inside that I dont want to see, so I pretend to talk on the phone till they get in their car and leave, hehe.

  3. Have I ever told you how BAD you are, you're a BRAT also!!!!! :)
    My cheeky Leigh-Ann, what will I do with you, making fun of your Momma??? I did notice that you wrote to Lisa also, ha ha caught you.

    You sure made me laugh though. :)

    I still love you even though you tease me.

    Love Momma

  4. excited to see what new goodies you've cooked up!

  5. hey- do we get to go see momma's blog or is it top secret? Oh, wait, she doesn't have one yet does she? or does she? I know she has something new?

  6. I just love your momma writing here with us, LOL!! mine doesn´t know how to put a computer on, hehehe....I just love Santa´s laughing, hohoho!! and I´m still looking for your juke box, aff....kisses ....

  7. My fave is "we're so beyond this" - thanks for bringing it to my reality!

  8. Hey LA- your favourite singer that you have here, city and colour, is going to be on Canada AM tomorrow morning on channel 5. It starts at 6am but he's probably on around 7 am maybe you want to tape it.

    Did you know, YOU ARE LOVED!! I love you sweetheart! Remember I'm here for you.


  9. Ohhhh The new product looks so cool!

    Your mom is GREAT... cant wait to meet her when I come to visit you!

    Love the new diet... (GUESS WHAT... I have lost 7 pounds since we talked weight)


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