the other side of the coin

This is an addition and clarification to what I've written this past month and yesterday.

To be honest guys, I haven't shared the whole truth. I was a big part of the problem. I worked too much, didn't cherish him, and let a busy life take up my time instead of showing him how much I loved him. I made a lot of mistakes. A lot. And even though he was the one that asked for the seperation, ultimately, it was because of my behavior. I haven't told the story fairly. Tyson took really good care of me, loved me with all his heart, tried his best, and did his best! I failed him. And he got tired of waiting for me to come around. My husband was lonely. I wasn't the wife I should have been. And I see why he left me. And to clear up the car thing...he was helping me pay for the car insurance. It was fair for him to use it once in a while. I was mad, and just venting. Afterwards, I erased that post. It was pretty one sided. Tyson has tried to make this seperation and futurelife as easy as possible for me, even though in doing so, he's taking on a huge load of past debt and given me the house. He's an incredible man that I neglected. Those are the 2 sides in a nut shell.


  1. LA - there are always two sides to the story. We always knew that as we read your blog. Thanks for sharing with us though. Keep trusting God for your future.

  2. hey LA!
    yes, tyson has 'his side of the story' too, but don't accept ALL the blame! life happens, things get crazy sometimes and busy, you were just on a ride he didn't want to stay on you with! It is not your fault ( you sounded really hard on yourself here...)
    geez girl, what movie did i leave you to watch last night?? heheehee...
    I do thank you though, for the little reminder to keep perspective with my own life and husband!!
    btw...the kids LOVED our new ORNIES you made!! sweet!!

  3. you are so true to yourself LA. I really appreciate that about you. Yes, there are always two sides and yes, successful marriages do take so much care and attention. You are a valuable voice to remind us of that. Be gentle with yourself through all of this okay.

  4. I was watching martha this morning and there was a baker on there who started her own company shortly after her difficult divorce. Stick with your silver linings :-) You may have been busy, but only doing what you loved, and what makes you who you are. I don't think you should have to temper your passion or water down your creativiy to keep your partner happy. You can't spend your life entertaining your sig. other and putting off what your heart and mind are aching to pursue. The relationship that will last is the one with a partner who is equally as creative and motivated. Now, go grab life by the reins and follow your bliss with every second of every day!

  5. jill,
    i understand what you mean, but it wasn't that way. he deserved more, and he did support me creatively. majorly! it wasn't at all that. it was how i spent all my focus, care, love and time. being in a relationship.
    guys, i'm not being hard on myself. i appreciate your concern. really, what it is...was a revelation of the other side. reflecting. and i was just bluntly putting it out there. but thanks for your concern.

  6. "until death do us part"

    I love you LA... But just remember that is what you both were committing too and you neglecting him is not a good enough excuse.... Maybe a "do this or I have to leave" but not just I have to leave.

  7. ~keep praying, remember that peace that passes all understanding!


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