my car

It's been 3 weeks since the car accident. I was car-less and carpooling for 2 weeks, then last week, my dealership was able to give me a loner (so thankful!)...and yesterday, the insurance company called... and Pepper is officially written off. WOOOHOO! :) That's what I was hoping for (a car is never the same after a bad accident) So now, I get to pick another car. I might just get the same one...but I'm also considering a little truck. I've always wanted a truck, but it wasn't practical for when I'd have kids. Now, not really an issue any time soon... so i'm playing with the idea :)
Sweet blessing: Because this car was a lease, I don't owe any money for lost value. This car was only one month it could have been thousands of dollars. Just the deductable. nice!
Is it just me, or is this the longest week ever? Holidays ahead. Holidays ahead... I'm so looking forward to a break :)
PS> I have a Freckled Nest Boxing Day Sale announcement coming...stay tuned :)


  1. i can already see you on a truck wheel! you´d look great! lol :)

    this week, yes, it´s been the LONGEST ever!!!!

  2. I guess I missed this one, you had an accident one week after you got the car? Ugh...that sucks.

  3. I think you need something new...

    Did I hear Sale.... I Love sales?

  4. of my neighbor's around my place drives a big huge truck!
    SHE drives this truck!!
    it's a black truck and accross the back window in bright pink letters, it says:
    "silly boys, trucks are for girls"
    I LOVE IT!!
    go for the truck LA and join the revolution!! HAHAHAHA!!


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