Too lagit, too lagit to quit.

I havn't randomly babbled in a long here we go.
* Freckled Nest Boxing Day Sale
All Premade Items in the Shop will be HALF PRICE!!! (Excludes Little Travellers)
(Shipping is regular price)
Wed, December 26th only! Midnight to Midnight. First come, first serve.
Paypal only. Wait to be reinvoiced.
This might be my favorite collection yet. insane inspo.
I was especially in love with this miss this week.
Lol, here's today's Let's Scream: It's the weekend! video. I rocked out to this one on last Friday's drive home. Crank it. It will inspire some unique moves at your christmas parties this weekend. Definately. Dedicated to Karisa and Christina :)
I'm going to legally change my name to Leigh-Ann Button. Not yet. But eventually :)
As if my blog has had over 30,000 visits. You guys make me blush :)
Thanks for being here :) Love you all!
* The PRC finale was last night. I have a crush on Biddel. And MG. And Lucien. Project Runway Canada was the tv highlight of winter so far. Ubber talent. Amanda and I watched it every Monday, eating exuberant amounts of candy and cocacola and giggling at our little fashion crushes. Last night, we found this MsRoyalT Youtube Channel and you can watch the WHOLE season on it! (look under playlists) Inka: You should do this!!! :)
Christmas is almost here. I've only bought one present so far. Eeek.
Yes, I'm like a man shopper on Christmas Eve.
Keep it interesting.
Cheers :)


  1. ahhh! don't you look beautiful!
    and tom....he is one lucky guy!
    cheers, merry merry and happy happy to you leigh-ann!!!

  2. i will TOTALLY watch those seasons from youtube during my holiday!
    thanks for the link LA. :)

  3. Those were the days..... hammerpants and spandex.... Thanks for the laugh LA
    lv, Christina


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