(Photo by Leila-Anne) Have fun shopping... BOXING DAY SALE TODAAAAY...Midnight to Midnight. All premade items in the Freckled Nest Shop are HALF PRICE!!! :) Photobooth Albums Little Yearbooks Tiny Photobooth Albums *Does not include Little Travellers *Regular Price Shipping I've already slashed the prices in half. Ready for paypal. And... I *might* add a few Book Albums to the Shop when I wake up... they'll be half price too :) Happy Boxing Day everyone :) My favorite holiday! Yes. Really :) PS. Drop by at the end of your adrenaline filled, elbow-jabbing day at the malls and brag about all the great deals and finds you got (but don't wanna tell your husband about ;)


  1. i came home from my party at 315 in the morning and there was already line ups outside future shop best buy and visions, and they didnt just start lining up there was enough people that they were there for awhile, like atleast 30 to 40 people at each store


  2. Hi Leigh-Ann, I bought about 8 boxes of Xmas cards, some for A.Sandy, Gramela, and myself. The little something for you and Amanda that I told you about. A vest and a hoodie style jacket from Cotton Ginny. A $50 coffee maker for $20 and a $100 Kitchen Aid enamal/cast iron dutch oven for $30 from CT. Also 3 boxes of my Christmas Tea from Second Cup for half price, also 2 cute little snowman glass mugs for sweet little grandchildren to drink hot chocolate from at G&G's for $1.50 ea. at Second Cup. I had fun and now I'm going to put my feet up for a bit and have coffee with Pops. You should have come!!
    Love Momma

  3. i just got back from the mall (st v) and it was fun. I love crowds. I went by myself for the first time. i got a pair of black ballet flats, normally 50$ for 11$, and a pair of gray jeans for 20$ normally 50$. not too bad of deals. i also was able to scout out what i want to come back for in a week to see if it's even cheaper. i had a good time.

  4. To think I had always thought boxing day was a main event boxing match like.... mike tyson vs. sugar ray.....Well, I guess there is boxing going on with all those great deals.
    Happy hunting, Christina (MI)

  5. I only went a few places in my little town and all I bought was some super cute snowmen salt and pepper shakers for 76 cents total. score. you have the same camera as me! I love it! you will too!


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