mono convo phono with mom

Notetaking while talking on the phone with mom today...

...her blog is kinda old school
MOM: when you guys say old school, what do you mean
LA: like old school is like old fashion. like you saying that, is old school
MOM: oh--its a new name for vintage?

MOM: are you writing this?!
LA: hehe.
MOM: i'm gonna lambaste your blog.
LA: what does that even mean mom! that's oldschool.
MOM: you bum!

(more mono*convos here)


  1. DON'T BELIEVE ANY OF THIS!!!Leigh-Ann made this all up, none of this was said, she's hallucinating, she's sick!!!
    Love Momma

  2. LOL... Cute!

    Miss these and you!

  3. mom... what is lambaste?! is that like you're going to squirt us with a turkey baster? i don't know if you should babysit the twins tonight... they are probably the right size to "lambaste". hehe.

  4. gotta tell ya, you're the funniest family I know...

  5. I love your Mom!

  6. is lambaste have anything to do with "ba ram you" is the the same family

    hey i bet it would be in grandmas new word dictionary

  7. LA!
    Happy new year!

    i was in missouri for several days with the family.

    I hope you are well!

  8. Hey you guys, Quit picking on my dictionary.It's getting filled up on the back pages with words like vintage ,oldschool ,lambaste,you know what Im talking about. Hey maybe we can make a 2008 dictionary,and us vintage people can learn the language of you young whipper snappers ,and we can all understand each other.Love you all anyway ,you keep life interesting. Grandma


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