Miss.November, Inka!

Every month at the Design Team Blog, we have a Miss.Chick...she gets to host the blog for the month, doing contests, challenges, redecorating, inspiring us...and in Inka's case, wearing a little crown ;) Inka is Miss.November and has been doing a great job. She's been doing a few vlogs (video blogs) and has challenged us to do the same :) (Here's mine if you wanna see) It's been fun!
Inka is the sweetest girl ever and a great friend! We talk thru email everyday, and she always brings a smile to my face! Be sure to check out her fun blog and enter her contests:) (There's usually always chocolate with the prize... and it is so good, FINLAND CHOCOLATE!)
Every month, I will ask the new Miss.Chick to answer these questions and I hope you will get to know these fabulous women who inspire me daily! Here's Inka..... :)

Tell us about you :)
My name is Inka :) I'm a student in a clothing school and I will graduate in four months. I like all kinds of creativeness (a word??) and make things with my hands. Mostly I love to sew something small, that gets done quickly. :)
Like these needleholders/pockets:

I also like to scrapbook (although I'm new with it), knit, crochet, write letters and blog.
Most of the time I´m happy and smiling. :)

Share your connection with FreckledNest/Leigh-Ann
I found Leigh-Ann through Flickr. I was browsing pics with a cupcake and found LA´s cupcake tote.
Then I asked her if she sells internationally and I ordered my tote.
Then we started to e-mail and that´s how it started. :) Now, we talk everyday :)

Where do you live
In a cold Finland where we have penquins and polar bears in our backyard.
No, just kidding. :) I do live in Finland, but we don´t have penquins or polar bears here. And it´s not so cold yet either.

Please share with us your blog & what it is about? Flickr? Etsy?
My blog, there I write about my life and daily happenings. I also have contests there every now and then. ;)
My flickr, but I don´t upload a lot of pics there, because I don´t have the pro account...
My etsy might be coming soon. :)

Tell us something funny/goofy/silly thing about yourself.
I´m a button and a chocolate-a-holic...

Do you have any nicknames?
Well, I didn´t have many before I met LA.. ;)
By LA: Inkanator, InkaFinland, LA INK(a) (well, that´s our friendship nickname!), Ink...
By others Inkeri, Inkerinkinkeri, Inkamus

Do you have any pets?
No.. Sadly I lost my dear cat this year, in April. She was 16 years old and we thought she would live forever. She was my supergirl when I was little. Her name was (and yes, I thought the name when I was six!) Iines Torres Pössykkä Inese Slesser. :)
We also had the cutest dog, Kimi, but he died already three years ago. They were the best friends together, Iines and Kimi.

What blogs and mags do you read and what shops do you shop at?
I read all the blogs on my sidebar.
I like to read decorating and fashion magazine.
Love to shop at craft and fabric shops.

Share something that lights your heart up :)
Love, friendship, buttons. ;)

Show&share your favorite photo you've ever taken...

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

What's your worst fashion disaster (PICTURES welcome, lol)?
Something from the elementary school, it was the early 90´s. ;)
So, you all can imagine...

Favorite Movies and/or Books:
I like to watch comedies, animated and fantasy movies. My faves at the moment are Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean, Amelie, Cinderella story ;), The Little Mermaid...

If you had one hundred dollars fun money, what would you want to do?
I´d buy all pretty fabrics from one expensive store.
And buttons!

What are your inspirations?
Colors, nature, friends, love.

What do you collect?
Buttons, used postal stamps, stickers, shoes, jackets, bags. ;)

What is your dream?
At the moment, to have a beautiful wedding next year, live happily and healthy.
Once I start working, have the kind of job where I feel comfortable and it´s a joy to wake up in the mornings.

Ask our readers a question...
What is your fave season of the year and why?


  1. I love your friendship name LA INK that is great.

    My favorite season is FALL -- I love the smell of the air, the temp is perfect not to warm or cold, and it is FOOTBALL season.

  2. My favorite is summer. I love walking around with bare arms and legs. I love getting a tan. I love sitting in the back yard in the mornings in my adarondac chair watching lukie play in the sandbox. I love going for long walks in the sunshine, by the river which our house is by. I love being off of work for 2 months in July and August (I work at a school). I love camping and going to the beach. I love garage sale-ing! I love drive in movies and street festivles! I love an evening pitcher of sangria on a cordon street patio. I love long days and warm nights. That's why I love summer!

  3. Yay for these interviews...I love learning about all of you :)

    Fall definately. It means the leaves will change, FOOTBALL, a holiday each month, the long sleeved shirts can come out of the closet and I can sit on the porch drinking hot chocolate or French Vanilla cappucino. Oh..and can't forget Chili, potato soup and beans and cornbread. Fall *sigh*

  4. Hello pretty Inka!

    My favorite is fall! Or Summer. I never used to like summer until recently. i love me some sunshine and blue sky!


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