2 cakes!

Hi :) Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was good. It was the twins birthday party yesterday! My neices turn ONE in a few days! I can't believe it! Time FLEW (GET IT!)... The party was so nice! Amanda did such a great job! She made 2 cakes shaped as Number 1's with Olivia and Kennedy's names on them :) And had tons of great party food (Spinach dip is my new favorite thing)...and cute decorations! And lots of family! Lots! It was great! Update on Tyson. He's still gone. He's soon moving to Kenora(his hometown), and has moved all his stuff outta our house. He's staying at our house for another week so I can live with Grandma a bit longer. Being at her house has been really good. Get's me away from the obvious "Tyson's gone; the house is empty". Grandma's been so great. And I'm being a good houseguest. Making my bed (previously rare) and doing the dishes. And on Friday, I cooked supper (read: brought home a pizza)...lol. I'm gonna try keeping the house. Tyson gave it to me. And I wanna stay here. I might take on a boarder eventually. But for now, I will wait and see. LA New Post Below too... go see :)


  1. best part was when one of them (don;t know which one) kept trying to kiss emily and when we sang happy birhtday and there was the pause and over lap in names

  2. Is it really over -- the weekend? I thought it just started.... grr.

    Anyway, glad to hear you had a great weekend. I now am craving cake.

  3. Happy birthday to your neices. The fun has just started!!!

    I'm sorry to hear Tyson has decided to move away.

    Here's what I think you should do. Sell that house and start anew. Buy a condo downtown and make it your boho artist studio. Live in your creative bubble. Live for yourself, not others. Celebrate who you are, and cater to no-one.

    Rock that single life like you never did before. Can you see good in this? Maybe it was ment to be?

  4. LA- I was gonna call you this morning but then read, here, that you're not at home....hmmmm.....and if I call your house and get Tyson I just might have to give him the what for and it might not be too pretty... So, email me your number if you want (I know that you are still capable of emailing because you mentioned you email with Inka everyday). :P I never heard back from you on fb....but maybe there wasn't much to say....I don't know but I do know I care about you Leigh-Anndra. I'll talk to you soon!

  5. Lots and lots of love and prayers to you, sweet lady. I miss the old LA...

  6. glad your weekend was better. i got my little traveller Strwaberry when i got home from disney paris yesterday


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