"you do a lot with bacon"

"oboe" ...that just made my day. love. love that my days are available to be "made again". they're still shitty. but there are highlights now. love that. --------------------- ps> Ash... did you hear Call It Off (#13) on Greys? I sang along. It was awesome. pps> Yes, i don't swear. but i do today. lol. Disclaimer Added: those two quotes are from last nights Grey's Anatomy. If you don't watch it, it won't make sense. If you did, you'll laugh too. Here's where we draw the line. The cool people and the non-cools. I know where I stand. lol... ;)


  1. Hi Leigh-Ann, love you, hope you're smilin', don't get this blog entry. I guess maybe I'm too old.
    What's oboe?
    And why do you call it it you do a lot with bacon, is that what grandma made for dinner?

    Love Momma

  2. i wish. bacon for dinner would be the ultimate!

    oboe and "you can do a lot with bacon" were quotes from Greys Anatomy. They made me laugh. had to see it. and yes, you're too old ;)
    haha. i should't talk. once I'm 27, i'm old too.
    Love you Momma!
    Love Little Chicken

  3. tell momma not to worry i don't get it either...maybe we should start a "too old" for Grey's group...it could match our grey hair...we could get shirts...i am not making any sense...

  4. Thanks LA's momma for clearing-up that post! LOL!
    ~Kris....also too old for GA

  5. Hi Leigh-Ann
    I (kinda) watched Grey's last night but never heard that, I guess thats why I said kinda.

    HI Tania, THANK YOU very much for being such a good friend to Leigh-Ann, THANK YOU everyone. She has met so many wonderful friends through her blog. Thanx for all your thoughts and prayers, phone calls, she needs this right now.
    BUT Tania this momma doesn't have grey hair yet!!!Yeh!! LOL

    Love Momma

  6. ROFL!!

    Yeah...her whole bacon speech was pretty hysterical last night! When she sat down and started telling him that I just shook my head. What a nut! I thought his response was very appropriate!

    I'm glad it made you smile! You made me smile just remembering how funny it was! Love ya!

  7. I pvr'd it but I'll look for that part when I watch tonite.
    PS. who is your fav. designer? I liked MG but after a few poor challenges, now I like Lucienne because he's so tallented - wow, and Bidel cause he is too and his clothes are a wearable street style.

  8. I loved it too. And I loved "oboe."
    Don't you just want Sydney to jump off a cliff? UGH! (I wouldn't say that if she were real, of course. I just want to get rid of that character!)

  9. Not a Greys fan either....

    But I do love bacon. =)

  10. I totally didn't get it either...I don't watch Grey's....so I guess I'm too old, too.

    But I'm praying for you everyday, Leigh Ann. I saw swirling birds last night, and took it as a reminder from God to pray for you.

    You probably don't want/need advice right now, but I feel compelled to share with you, anyway. Take it or leave it, ok?

    If you haven't read "The Power of a Praying Wife" by Stormie Omartian, read it...right away. I read it as a newlywed, and it profoundly impacted the way I viewed my marriage & my husband, as well as my role as the wife. Among other things, it talks about finding your sufficiency in Jesus Christ...being whole and complete in Him (and not depending on your husband to help you feel that way). It would be healing for you right now, and would give you courage to face the days ahead, whatever they hold. And we're hoping and praying for the best!

    I also recommend "Love and Respect" by Dr. Emmerson Eggerich. It talks about man's basic need in marriage (respect) vs. woman's basic need (love). In whatever the future holds for you and Tyson, you can minister to him greatly by respecting him. You need to show him you love him (that's your need), but he needs to know you respect him (that will help him to feel fulfilled).

    Both of these books are easy reads - comfortable "real" language & even some humor. I think they'd be encouraging to you. And they'd help you feel proactive. Hope you don't mind the suggestions.

    God is in control. No matter how out of control it all feels, He is still working things out for good. And He shows that by showing you His presence and His nearness (the birds, your grandma, bacon & oboes, etc!).

    Praying for you!!!!

  11. i didn´t get this post either, so i can join to the rest "old" ones. ;)

  12. ooooh, that was a direct diss! I take it personally! Hah!

    Okay, it's down to the office fans and the greys fans. (although I love greys too!!!)

    i was totally at my moms and got all giddy and was giggling. and i laughed a lot at the part about wearing a band uniform. that was so me! trombone.

  14. Okay now I feel like a total loser! I hardly have time for tv at all and this year I had to pick just a few shows to follow on convenient nights. Sadly Grey's and the Office are not on that list and I'm back to being a pop culture loser. BTW, I'm sending you a little something and it will be leaving here on Monday. The package will include a MO for my tote. Have you seen "Across the Universe" yet? If not go and see it! I'm in love. I mean like mad, passionate, crazy love with this film. There's a few acid trips you'll have to think creatively about other than that amazing. So I've be thinking and praying for you a ton this week. I wish I had holidays (oh and money) 'cause I would be on a plane to Winnipeg. Mostly so I can say "I'm going to Winnipeg" (from the Fountain Tire commercial if you didn't catch the reference) but also so I could hang out with you. Love you lots. Have a good weekend.


  15. Its completely official...I am so uncool.

  16. i proudly remain a non-cool and could you ask your mom the trick about not having grey hair yet...could she let me know what it is because..well yea...you know...i have a problem with grey hair...maybe it is Caleb's fault..you must of been a very good child...

  17. Well Tania, it's genetics. My Dad is 73 and Mom is 68 and neither really has grey hair thank goodness. My Mom is just starting. I just turned the big 50 and HONESTLY!!! everyone who doesn't believe me, I don't have any grey, BUT when I do I WILL be colouring it against Shawn's wishes. Plus all 3 of my kids, LA being the oldest, were all really good kids, slept lots, and are still GREAT kids, only wanting to give me grey hair once in awhile.


  18. I watched Grey's!! I'm cool!! But sadly.... I don't remember those quotes :( I think I was multi tasking.

    looooove you.

  19. I watched it! It took me a minute but it came to me! Love that you're seeing highlights like these.
    And I like that you can cuss on your blog.


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