Sneek Peeks

A peek at Jessica's tote... it's a purple & pink stitched CAMERA! Cool, eh!?! :) Notice all the new colorful spines??? I used fun Love, Elsie fabric paper for binding tape ;) Above are all the Photobooth Albums, Little Yearbooks(School Photos season is coming) and Tiny Photobooth Albums I made a few weeks ago. The etsy shop is getting low (thanks to y'all!) so I better get these finished soon! They just need titles :) If anyone wants a personalized one (ex. Initial on cover) or something me soon :) There's a happy variety to choose from :) Julie's Q's from the Contest: When will freckled nest have new stuff on etsy? Soon soon (I'm excited that people care :) ...What would you like to see more of? What's your favorite animal? Birds and Belugas. Not mice ;) Oh! And dogs :) Do you like gnomes? Not particularly. Tyson does though. Are your toes painted right now? What color? Nope. It all grew off, lol. (It was dark dark purple) Not much of a nail painter. Are yours?


  1. Jessica is going to have a cool tote!! :)
    Can´t wait to see it done.
    Also, all those new albums looks delicious. They´ll be sold soon on etsy!! Trust me. :D

  2. omg, omg, omg! i canNOT wait to receive my tote. fabulous!!!! hugs to you LA

  3. That tote looks amazing. You are so freakin' talented, LA.
    Can't wait to have one of those awesome albums.
    P.S. My nails are not painted. I never, ever paint my nails because I make an absolute mess of it.

  4. Jessica's tote is TOO cute! Love it!

  5. Cute tote (go Jess)
    I love your albums - i like retro colors (and I like stamps)

    Yes, right now my toes are Never Lon-Done Shopping from OPI.

    THanks for answering!

  6. Dying to see the rest of that patch!

  7. I am loving that tote! I think I will be emailing you soon with my order... I want one real bad, but I don't know what I want yet.

    Also, I was on Inka's site and noticed your comment about waking up at 3... just want you to know I do the same thing! LOL


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