Monday Mailday

Every month over at the Freckled Nest Design Team Blog, we do a swap!... For September, my friend Stefani, aka "Brown Suga" and I have each other :) Monday morning, a knock at the door! THIS HEAVY PACKAGE was hanging from the mailbox by 2 elastics! I yelled Thank-You to the mailman as if it was a gift from him. Lol. Then I ran inside, told my sister I'd call her back, grabbed the camera and let her rip (the box!) ;) My patience is poor at best in surprise situations. But I did take time to note and smile at the two friends birds on the front, and that this Mother of a Package was $22.50 to ship. What'd she mail?!?!? ROCKS?! lol... Anyways, here was my first swap adventure! Yeeeeeeee!! Stefani excelled at finding the coolest bird things!! I love this old wood bird stamp and pyrex bowl! It's going to be my new Greek Salad Bowl ;) "I love a good bowl" You can't go wrong with buttons! These are awesome! AWESOME! Texas Shaped Peanut Oh Stef, you make me laugh :) A nest Stefani's sons found, with 3 glass eggs :) These are fun! Strawberry and Jalepeno preserves. I'm afraid of this ;) and Blue Yonder HOME MADE SALSA!!! Jerry: "Do you know why Salsa is the number one condomint in the world?" George: "No...why?" Jerry: "Because people like to say SALSA" Stefani made this :)!! It's my favorite thing :) Also, - A vintage embroidered pillowcase! I'm saving this for future daughter :) - A robin stuffed toy that chirps. Lola and Penny get real *frisky* when it chirps! - Cool notions! (Funk Ribbon, heart with wings patch, BUTTONS and a kit to MAKE MY OWN buttons!!!) - Vintage flash cards, Begin, Fly, Him, Her (SO COOL!) STEFANI!!!! This was SO COOL!!! I love the things you choose! They were SO ME! THANK-YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! Can't wait for you to get yours! Guess I should mail it in order for that to happen, lol. LA :)


  1. omg, that swap is sooooo sweet and cool! there´s so many nice goodies.
    can´t wait the month when stefani is my swap pal. ;)

  2. wow! awesome swap goods. well done stefani!!! is this seriously your first swap? you have been spoiled! :)

  3. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. it was really fun to put together! You deserve to be spoiled!

  4. omg, your package is the bomb!! stefani has skills :)
    love the nest :)

  5. Holy crow!! Leigh-Ann you have a very thoughtful friend. She finally figured out that you ARE a "BIRD BRAIN" Ha Ha Ha :D :D
    What beautiful things you made and picked out Stefani, very thoughtful of you.
    Love Momma

  6. omg! that bowl is rockin'!!!!!
    i totally know the george/jerry convo of which you!!

  7. Hook 'Em Horns - what a great swap you got - and all that Texas stuff; I love the cherry buttons.

  8. Hi Leigh Ann!I was watchin your blog from the beginning and i have to say that you are an amazing girl,a wonderful scrapper and your sweet is all over the blog(sorry my english i am americanbut it's 16 years that i live in italy..)i really get inspired everyday from you art and your funny face!
    uhm i contacted you cause i read in this post that you like swaps and i wanted to ask you if you want to make a nice swap with your italian friend!
    My email is let me know if it's agood idea 4 you kissez


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