a little Eldon homage

This was lunch today :) My version of Greek Salad! Our family friend Eldon has a blog, and he shares his food pictures(Eldon, please leave your blog address in the comments, i know you're out there, lol). So i thought today, i'll do the same. Hense the Eldon Homage...And I'll share the recipe. I first had this life changing Greek Salad while I was at Brioche with Marin(button dealer) and Janet in Gastown, Vancouver. I went home with the mission to remake it. The first time was not quite but close. Today, was much closer! Pretty tasty! i LOVE tomatos, so this was fun! Which reminds me, the past few summers, our gardening neighbors have left us tomatoes and sometimes cucumbers on our door step. Yay, summers coming. Ingredients: 3 Red Hot hOuse Tomatoes (I like them at room temp) 1 Sundance Tomato (Yellow tomato; it's a sweet taste and yummy color) English cucumber (like 5 inches of the cucumber) Olive Oil Garlic Feta Greek Seasoning Rock Salt and Crushed Black Pepper Okay, here i go all domestic. Into a medium sized prep bowl, Cut 3 red and 1 yellow tomato into bite-size chunks. (You can either remove the seeds, or leave them in...but then use a slotted spoon when serving b/c it'll be pretty juicy). Use about 5 inches of the Cucumber. I like to use a fork and drag lines along the green , so when you cut it, it's *decorative*. Then cut the cucumber into pinkyfingertip sized pieces. Add some minced Garlic, like 1 or 2 cloves worth. Then, crumble lots of feta. Add crushed black pepper, 2 pinches of rock salt, and lots of greek seasoning or Oregano. Then drizzle Olive Oil...and mix gently. Serves 2-4 as a side (great witha sandwich or at a potluck) or for me, i just have it as a meal...oh ya!

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