The Camera :)

** If you're looking for information about TODAYS BIG SALE, go here :) *** I really REALLY liked this one! I actually designed it in a dream and the next morning was telling Jessica about it... and she said "I want one!" :) So here we are Jessica!! A rad purple and pink camera with stitched silver accents! If you'd like your own Oh Snap Tote (or any other style), email me and we can create it in your favorite colors & style! :) Today's the perfect day to order! If you purchase one more thing from our shop, you get another item FREE! See details in the post below :)
PS> Hi Carol!!! Your warm hug this morning made my day!!! Go Head Cheerleader!!!


  1. omg! it is SO perfect LA! thank you!

  2. oh snap, that´s really cool!!
    you´ll be getting a nice packet Jessica! :)

  3. it's gorgeous. you are so super talented.

  4. wow and a half LA! This is intensely lovely.

    I want one for my owwwwn self!

    Lucky Jess!


    it's so good to be back.

  5. GREAT... LOVE IT!

    I can't wait to get mine!

    So is that one down one more to go before you get to mine! =)

  6. 100 items sold congradulations!!!!!!!

  7. i so love it too! remember saying that back in the day, hehehe!!! ;)


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