Idea: If me and the Freckled Nest Design Team created a cool Freckled Nest Style Kit, would you want one? Pros: It would rock. It would be an awesome compilation of Favorite things! Good value. Some original pieces. Cons: You'd pee your pants from excitement. It will be in a few months. Question: Also, would you want it to be a mixture of supplies that you make into something, or would you like a kit with a mini-album project/instructions that everyone makes the same, but you personlize? Note: You are not obligated to buy it if you write/comment your name... we're just exploring if anyone would be interested :)


  1. Yes, yes, yes. And as for the question, I like the idea of having the instructions. If I'm reading this correctly, the more artistic in the bunch could still do their own thing and ignore the instructions. Right?

  2. Hi Meredith :)
    if it was a kit with project/instructions, paper would more likely be cut... but yes, if a person wanted to make it their-own-whatever, they are free to do that. And personalizing your mini-album is up to you. the supplies to copy the sample will be provided, but you can change it up if you want.
    the benefit of a kit with a project, is that once you've made the sample, you can buy your own style of supplies, and make it as many times as you want...differnt each time :) (good idea for future gifts)

  3. Heather Wilson9/18/2007 02:56:00 pm

    absolutely, i would be inerested in seeing what you would offer!

    would you need a guest designer??? ;)

  4. the chicks will probably be doing some sample designs, but if people send me links or pictures of their finished projects, i'll totally post them for everyone to drool over! fun :)

  5. Absolutely!! I'd be more inclined to like have second option. But, who knows...with instructions or that type of thing..and including the amazing talents of what I've seen so far with the design team, I could easily go for either.

  6. Oooh! Yes! I like the idea of an assortment kit -- I'm not much of a "directions" person.


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