Tys helped out a friend yesterday, installing a garage door... and today we had a knock at the door. Sheik's wife wrapped up ALL these wonderful fruits for us to enjoy! I woke up from a nap, and Tys said, go see the counter... I SQUEELED!! So many fruits! I've already had 3 pieces!
Grandma also sent me home with garden cucumbers and TOMATOES on Friday! AND when I came back to work on Thursday, Maria, a nice lady from the church I work at, had left me 6 beautiful Winnipeg Apples from their tree! YUM! Some years, our neighbors even leave some of their garden bounties on our doorstep. I love this time of year! Love!


  1. I love it when neighbors and friends share their bounty. What a good "healthy" snack.

  2. Your blog always makes my hungry! Yummy yummy fruit!

  3. Lucky you! Good friends and neighbors.

    I've been meaning to ask you: What did you use for the big black circle around "Knit This" on Emily's knitting journal?


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