up a pole!

  • lol, like my drawing? I didn't have my camera with me when I actually saw this!! Somebody stole a truck and literally drove it backwards up a hydro pole! (He "the punk", drove it up that extention/support that leads down to the ground...) and of course took off as a crowd quickly gathered. It was the weirdest thing. This is me and Tyson in the picture. Lol!
  • I had a dream last night that I lived with Conan O'brien and I was one of his sidekicks on late night. What is that?! (Maybe it's his genius Trump impressions or multitude of voices, or the power he has over Kody's laughter-box...but i just can't get enough Conan)
  • Hi Tania, welcome to my blog :) Thanks for the stomach compliment. I cheated that day though, and used a picture from last year...where I very stratigically shot that. I was laying down, sucking in, holding my breath and arms stretched way above my head. Lol... There'd be a little muffin top if I were to take that picture again...lol.
  • I just discovered yesterday that i can test-listen to music on iTunes before I buy it. I was always mad that I had to guess if i'd like a song. grandma-duh, i didn't have to...
  • Rachelle, thanks for your awesome Tiny Photobooth Album report on your blog :)
  • I went to hang with Momma yesterday...and we ate ice cream :P
  • Teaque, I'm listening to our song...and it breaks my hahahahahahahaheart, breaks my heart, breaks my heart, breaks my heart...that you haven't popopoppoposted on your pretty new blog ;) lol. kidding. i'm impatient...
  • I bought Amelie last night and me and Tys went on a date after church. It's been too long...
  • Our church is the coolest. Right now they're doing this sermon topic of "What ever happen to?" and they share a story of someone in recent history that was famous...last night it was the Dionne Quintuplits and then the message is something relevant to today from the Bible. It was about Jacob and Esau last night. The thing i'm saying its awesome for, is that it's relevant learning, and I really like the way they decorate the stage for the theme. Right now, it's all vintage TV's... like really retro. The screens have tv's around them and there's cool piles of TV's on the left and right of the stage. I was lovin that coolness. coo!
  • Grover, this is for you ;)...
  • Inka sent me some insane Finnish Chocolate. Seriously!!! AMAZING!!! Thank-YOU Inka Finland :)
  • "Dooo-op!" Lauryn Hill


  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!
    kay...love the skull..you knew i would!

  2. is that a good eeek? or "MICKEY IS DEAD, LA & NICOLE KILLED HIM!!" kinda eeek? lol

  3. ok -
    now get off my back woman! Are you happy now???

  4. So how come it didn't link on yours but it did on elsie's the other day?? Whatever check the blog!

  5. Teaque, you gotta start throwing some lol's or smilies in there. i'm starting to fear for my life...haha? lol? :)?

  6. Insane Finnish Chocolate. That´s a pretty good description. :D

  7. What an awesome picture and a fun list!


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