The Winner is...

CONGRATS VANESSA! You win!! :) Here's the treats I made... A special photobooth album for Vanessa's smoochy pics with her and her lovebird husband (they're supercute in love!) Here's a pic of the full size. and some fun magnets i made :) lol Also, my 365 today is super fun; good spying too... if you mouse over the 27 squares, there's things :) JSYK, There'll be a contest at the beginning of each month while i do 365...and of course random ones whenever...
HINT: For next months 365 contest, your entry will be your favorite self portrait of YOURSELF! Have fun & get snappin! :)
***Freckles = Bonus Points! :)*** Note: I will make more Dr.Phils for the prize!!
Congratulations Grover/Vanessa :)


  1. hye bring out your mac instructions, there my be a code to program the bluetooth to my phone , it will probably be in the instructions

    still taking name applications everyone

    i thought of a good one today, already forget it though

  2. those magnets are too cute and The Phil.. how funny!

  3. Congrats Vanessa!! :)
    You´ll get a cool prize. Wish I had won.. LOL! :D

  4. those magnets are a hoot! happy weekend!

  5. OMG!!!
    Love it L-A!!!
    :-) :-) :-)
    thank youuuu!

  6. You owe me a new laptop! I just spit my tea all over my keyboard, laughing at the Dr. Phil face! LOL! Love it!

  7. lol Rachelle,
    you finally start using your laptop and you fry it...or should i say tea it...
    i'll make you a dr.phil magnet next time i send you something ;)
    lol, maybe a whole collection of dr.phil facial expressions!

  8. oh my gosh!! where did you get those magnets?!?!? love them. particularly doctor phil!

  9. I have got to have a Dr. Phil Too funny! I gotta put pressure on myself for an


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