i gave it the axe.

I took my website down today... I didn't like it anymore...too templatey for me.
I'm just going to use my blog for a while.
So now, If you type FreckledNest.com, you'll be forwarded here, to my blog :)
(Both FreckledNest.com & FreckledNest.blogspot.com will bring you to my blog)
And a *tip* to whoever it is... You don't have to google "Freckled Nest Blogspot" every time you want to come (I'm guessing this is my Father-In-Law)...you can type it directly into the address bar at the top or bookmark it. (lol, I see it in my SiteMeter Reports... pretty much everyday :)
I'm on my way home now to make the prize for tonights draw. (You can still enter) I'll announce the winner/prize when we get home from church (we go Wednesday nights so we can sleep in on Sundays :)
I decided I'm going to do this kinda contest every month when I share my 365's :) EDITED: Change of Plans. I'll be doing the draw tomorrow, sorry.


  1. Good call, it didn't represent your style well at all. The blogs where it's at baby!

  2. i just discovered you today and i just discovered how to leave comments today- it has been a day of firsts - i love finding canadian sites - as for your contest - i love the picture of the stomach - if that is your stomach you should be proud - keeping with my theme of firsts - i let my daughter take a picture of me today that showed my stomach too - okay enough chatting. gotta go


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