the most beautiful skin, ever

Number 0 Originally uploaded by Saint Just-5
Click on the photo to see her freckled skin. gorgeous! Frederico Erra's photos are INSANE!


  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I wonder if Sarah likes her freckles? Do you think her freckles are real or enhanced?
    I have a few, my daughter even less and my boy - a bit sprinkled on his nose.
    I have a friend who is covered in freckles and hates them!
    BTW I love your new photo!
    ...and I totally get your crush on Kat....

  2. Yo Leigh Ann! Guess what! My friend Lara and I are forever indebted to your photobooth locater! We found one in a suburb kinda close to where we live-and we LOVE us some photobooth times! Yahoo! We're totally gonna go take some pictures soon. ;)


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