An interview I did...

My new friend Jessica (from Funky Finds) recently asked me to answer these cool questions. I thought I'd share it here :)
1. How did you come up with the name Freckled Nest?
My first business name was QuaintessentialCrafts... but I liked it for about a week. (After buying a 3 year .com, lol), I started thinking of a new name, one that I LOVED... I love good shop names, so I wanted mine to represent me, my style, my loves, and my art, and for it to be timeless. (This was before the bird kick that we're all in right now btw) I like writing the letter 'F' so thats where I started. I got out my old dictionary and looked for a good F-Word. And Freckles SCREAMED my name...cause they melt me. That was day one. Then the next day, I was talking with a good friend (Juanita), and was telling her my name idea... she said "what else do you like?"....and I said, birds, nature, buttons, photobooths, bicycles, blue&brown, etc...and I went on to tell her that I love nature so much, that I've let the birds nesting in my roof stay there (for 3 years), cause I like them...and then it just FLEW OUT OF MY MOUTH.... FRECKLED NEST!!!! And I just KNEW it was PERFECT! and Juanita and I both grabbed paper, and looked at it in handwriting, and I got really giggly...and googled it to make sure it wasn't taken. Turns out its in a John Keats poem...but that was it. And it's nice having a business name that doesn't contain my art; I can design as many new things as I want... It's not like "Leigh-Ann's Albums" (cheese) or something that categorizes it.
2. What's the best thing about your job? And the worst?
The best thing about Freckled Nest is I make the 'rules'. I get to design how ever I want, whatever I want... There's so much freedom, its always so fresh and exciting....AND I love love love getting to know my customers. Incredibly fun!. The worst part= setting prices. I hate having to determine the value of my work. I usually lowball it cause i don't want to "offend people" and I want my things to "sell"...but I put so much time into what I make, that I really only get paid about a $1 an hour, lol. I'm my own sweatshop. My totes are different though. A good friend (Alice) said, you are going to kill yourself making these at that price. Charge this, and let them decide. If they want it, they will pay it. If not, let the next customer come along. I'm so glad I listened, because my personalized totes are a best seller, and If I had stayed at $38 per tote (w/ endless design possibilities) I would have had no spare time, and broken stitching fingers. lol.
3. Tell me one funny/goofy/silly thing about yourself.
Haha, when I get great paper or other awesome goodies, I rub them on my cheek (face!) and absorb their yummyness. Also, I am a very excitable person. If I like something, you'll know it!! and it tends to be contagious :) Also, I sometimes *snort* when I laugh too much ;)
4. Do you have any future plans that you would like to share?
Yes, I am closer to going full time with Freckled Nest. Tyson and I have been talking about it a lot! This is my dream come true!!! We need to do a few things to get that in place, but it is coming! Also, I'm planning a fun contest in the next while on my blog. A Jellybean counting contest but with BUTTONS in a jar!!! ...on Post number 333! (i'm at 315 right now...) Three is my favorite number :)
5. What blogs and mags do you read and what shops do you shop at? List as many as you want.
I read lots of blogs; I'm totally inspired by woman who live life to the fullest (and blog often ;)!!! My favorites are Elsie Flannigan, Blue Yonder, Feeling Stitchy, Rachel Denbow, Funky Finds, Ali Edwards and! My favorite places to shop are ETSY (big fan!), Flea Markets & GarageSales, Target, Scrapbooking by Design, Walmart (lol), Urban Nostalgia and ArtRocks.
I read Blueprint and Country Living... I love magazines but those are the only ones I buy regularly.
6. Were you an artsy craftsy kid? If so, what kinds of things did you do?
Totally! I was all up in my head. Always day dreaming...I was very creative and even back then, constantly craved "making something". I didn't have a lot of friends, so I played with my imagination (I'd say "myself" but it just doesn't sound right, lol). I made a lot of crafties, sang constantly, made hilarious home videos, drawing & painting, built awesome forts, did cross-stitching, made inspiration journals (like art journals), did cooking shows (pretending I was Martha Stewart or Lynette Jennings {My moms fave shows}), took lots and lots of photos, practiced my penmanship & created fonts (!!!), scrapbooked (with supplies around the house), and had a lot of fun!
7. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
I like chocolate...or banana or Parlines & Cream, but I REALLY like Ice Cream sandwiches!
8. What does indie mean to you?
To me, it means independent, your vision, your efforts, your sweat. It's originality, commitment to handmade and well made, and it's especially an awesome 'movement' that I'm so thrilled to be a part of. Indie can be a group of people; I just mean its independent from corporation.
9. What are your inspirations?
EVERYTHING! I find the small things inspiring the most. Little details that jump and scream at me..."use me", "be inspired"... Usually, I take a picture of it (I carry my camera with me everywhere) and share them in my Flickr. The way the lens of a camera works, is how my mind is and is the way i "see". I permanently have my camera on "Close Up"... AND I get close up! I let the natural light bring out the *little things* beauty, and I snap away. Right in the middle of downtown, or right in the deep of a forest, Close on a little girls freckled nose, or far away of a group of happy people! I'm always inspired. I often tear up, with my heart ready to burst at the beauty of everything around us. I see beauty in the small things & I see beauty everywhere.
My favorite items that make me squeal, yes, out loud.. are buttons, old glass, cruiser bicycles, sunshine, nature, photobooth moments, old furniture, great handwriting, old memories, vintage... and animals :)
As for who inspires me? Everyone! but more specifically,
- my husband Tyson #1.
- my family (they're all hugely supportive!...even my 2 pups, Lola and Penny who hang with me in my studio :)
- Friends (real life and blog life ;)
- people living and doing life :)
- children (their innocence is indescribable!). - Flickr.
- Movies, my fave inspos are Amelie, Gardenstate, Moulin Rouge, Big Fish, I Heart Huckabees, Adaptation, ElizabethTown, Shopgirl and Simon Birch.. and good old ones from childhood (lol) like Dirty Dancing, Pretty Women, Goonies...You know-- the real character builders ;)
Music, i love when i listen to music that makes me feel like i'm in a movie. You soundtracks. My faves are... Coconut Records, The Weenies, Lisa Loeb, Jenny Moore, Oldies, Ingrid Michaelson, Tegan&Sara (going to see them in concert in october, eeeeeeee! and Regina Spektor...
- a lot of bloggie women and artists. As a business owner, I'm so encouraged when I see women & artists confidently pursuing their dreams and giving it all they have (while balancing the rest of their world) My mom gave me an awesome book called "The Business of Bliss" thats all about women doing just that.
and I inspire myself (I don't mean that in a snobby way)...but like, I've come a long way, and I've been thru a lot, and I'm encouraged with what God has developed in me, and let me share with people. Inspired is the wrong word. I'd say, usefully thankful!
Love Leigh-Ann Hatching Inspiration; Moments in Flight :) Here's some more me stuff :)


  1. okay my first comment went something like this

    it is an honour to know you LA - you are so inspiring and in the short time that i have known you - you have inspired me tons. Thank you.

    i think the first comment was a little mushier than this - too bad it got lost

  2. Good golly you are cool! I find you quite inspirational, too. Hence, I've dubbed you "A Rockin' Girl Blogger." See this post:

    And now you get to tag 5 other rockin' girls!!!

  3. that counting contest of yours sounds like fun! :)

  4. My comment got lost too!!! RGH

    THe jist is I think you're cool, so glad we met, and thanks for the Urban Nostalgia shout out - we can't wait till we can off FN merch to the locals!


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