I added pockets to this one, and it's pretty cute! Fun for little tuck-aways ;)
Deena is getting married this Saturday :), and her good friend Emily (skull-tote-Emily) is traveling from New York to Montana to be in her Wedding Party. Deena wanted to give Emily a special gift, and saw on Emily's blog back in February, that she liked the idea a Freckled Nest Album as a Knitting Journal/Album (would have never thought of it, but i like thinking*outside of the box)... so I made this especially for Emily :) Thanks for the fun challenge Deena!! :) The rest of the photos I took are here if you'd like to see :)
***I have one more album like this. If you'd like your own KNITTING JOURNAL, please email me here and I will add whatever title you want :) Note: the cover paper is a different print, but equally gorgeous :) PS> People have been saying sometimes their comments aren't showing up. Watch to see that yours posts, and please let me know thru email if it doesn't.


  1. This is so beautiful. Good work LA!

  2. I for one think it looks like a million bucks!!!
    and that just yummilicious!

  3. ooo love the pockets. A friend is getting ready to build a house and I told her she needs to save the goods etc somehow. This may be just the thing. We will have to chat. Also, I saw someone's comment about the photobooth locator. There is not a single one listed for KY!!!!

  4. Teaque, that's because cameras haven't been invented in Kentucky yet...

    BURN! I slayed yoU!

    Hugs, LA

  5. So shouldn't we HAVE MORE photobooths if none of us hicks have cameras??? I'm honestly surprised that they have cameras in Canada with the cold and how far way from civilzation that you are. - back atcha babe! - Maybe I will have to be the photobooth activist for KY....

  6. Momma at the Beach8/20/2007 12:53:00 pm

    Oh so pretty,so very pretty,la la la la de da...
    Looks really good Leigh-Ann, so glad you got it finished. Hope you're feeling better, we missed you this weekend. I'm doing laundry at Gram's and Granp's right now, talk to you later today.

    Love Momma

  7. i am in awe of this complete project LA. it's fabulous! and the tote you made for her is equally cool.

  8. mmm, those colors are rich and delicious. I'm you create the whole album from head to toe? You are crazy skilled.

  9. Yep :) they start out as a "pile of bricks" and I make it into a book :)
    thanks Lacey :)

  10. your book is amazing!! :)


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